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The number of lawsuits has increased faster in recent years, mainly because more people are receiving cancer news for the first time. But the worrying thing is that many of these cases now prove that Roundup is linked to other types of cancer than non-Hodgkin lymphoma. 

While this means that thousands more people could be able to file claims in New Jersey, they will need an experienced attorney to establish the evidence to support the link of their illness to the Roundup weed killer. 

And you mustn’t waste any time taking the first step.

A group of lawyers wearing a professional attireHere at Schmidt & Clark LLC, we have built a reputation for achieving positive jury verdicts, and settlement offers in lawsuit claims. Our team has over 20 years of experience fighting some of the largest corporations in America. 

What this has allowed us to do is quickly adjust our processes so that we can help plaintiffs with non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma and several other types of cancer. 

And while plaintiffs want to see a law firm with a very high success rate in litigation, we also understand that people struggle with the stress and worry that such cases can bring. 

That’s why we always put our clients first and ensure that you don’t have to deal with any of the stress. You won’t have to worry about high upfront legal costs, as we work on a contingency fee basis. 

Essentially, our attorneys won’t pass on any costs until we achieve a favorable payout or settlement offer

As a plaintiff, you can focus on your medical treatment and family without all the distractions and stress of such a case.

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Is Roundup Weed Killer Carcinogenic?

Yes, Roundup weed killer has been proven to be carcinogenic, and thousands of people have successfully sued Monsanto and Bayer for a cancer diagnosis of non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma [1].

But the active ingredient glyphosate has also been linked to leukemia and myeloma [2]. These cancers have now been part of successful court trials, opening the door for thousands more plaintiffs. 

What often causes confusion around Roundup cancer claims is that the EPA refuses to warn consumers about the risks of this weed killer. 

On the other hand, the World Health Organization and the International Agency For Research On Cancer list glyphosate as a probable carcinogen and have been critical of its continued use. 

Anyone who has concerns about whether their cancer diagnosis means they are eligible for filing a claim should immediately contact our litigation team.

We have dealt with hundreds of Roundup claims and will be able to analyze your case during a free case evaluation. 

“Glyphosate, an herbicide that remains the world’s most ubiquitous weed killer, raises the cancer risk of those exposed to it by 41%, a new analysis says.”
Emily Dixon, Journalist at CNN

Who Can File Lawsuits in New Jersey?

Two lawyers having a talk while pointingPeople who can prove they had regular Roundup exposure and later developed related cancer may be able to file a lawsuit in New Jersey. The important thing is that there must be a proven illness before proceeding. 

It’s not enough to say that you used the weed killer without knowing the true risks. And while non-Hodgkin lymphoma is the most established type of cancer in these cases, you may also be eligible if you have another type of cancer. 

Most people that have received payouts have been professionally exposed to the weed killer as landscapers, gardeners, greenkeepers, or lawn care workers. 

But it’s also possible for people to come in contact with the active ingredient because someone near their home or workplace was using it regularly. 

These cases are more complex, but our law firm has extensive experience preparing the evidence. And we’ll guide you through the process during a free consultation. 

What Is the Statute of Limitations in New Jersey?

The statute of limitation for a lawsuit in New Jersey is two years [3]. While that might sound like a very short time, it’s important to understand that the clock starts ticking from when a plaintiff develops cancer. 

It’s not like with accident injuries tied to an event or specific time. Cancer-related injuries can take many years before people notice symptoms or receive a medical diagnosis from a doctor. 

One of the most important things in these cases for lawyers to establish is the timeline from when the Roundup exposure happened to when a plaintiff found out they were sick. 

Getting this wrong could mean that you miss the filing deadline, which is why we always advise people to call our legal team as soon as possible. 

Taking immediate action will also ensure that you receive your payout as early as possible. 

How Much Is a Lawsuit Worth?

An image of a lawyer and a client shaking hands

In New Jersey, lawsuits can be worth over $100,000 and, in some cases, have gone into the millions. But the payout and possible settlement depend on the personal circumstances of each plaintiff, and this requires experienced litigators to analyze. 

To achieve the maximum financial compensation in New Jersey, lawyers need to carefully assess many variables: 

  • What kind of prognosis have doctors given you for treatment outcomes and quality of life
  • How much pain are you dealing with daily due to the illness and treatment
  • Impacts on your employment and ability to provide financial security for your family
  • Whether you’ve had mental health issues like stress, depression, and anxiety
  • Your ability to care for your children without hiring outside help
  • Disruptions to your performance of household chores
  • Mounting costs from medical bills to ensure you get the best treatment possible

These are just a few of the vital things that will ensure you get the highest possible payout awarded in court.

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