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With the ever-growing number of successful lawsuits in Minnesota and all over America, there has been growing evidence of other types of cancer than non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma. 

That will potentially open the door for countless more lawsuits, allowing people to get the compensation they need to take care of their health and families. 

But such changing evidence also makes these cases more complex, and that’s where you need an experienced litigation team to ensure you get the best possible results. 

Let me show you why that’s so important.

A lawyer with clasped handsHere at Schmidt & Clark, we have spent over 20 years building a reputation as one of the leading litigation teams in America. We have successfully represented hundreds of clients in cases against the largest corporations. 

With a proven track record of adapting quickly to new rules and evidence, we’ve ensured our clients never miss out on the best possible results. 

But as a law firm, we don’t just focus on winning cases. We’re fully aware of how stressful and worrying lawsuits are for plaintiffs, and that’s why we prioritize the attorney-client relationship. 

As a result, you can focus on dealing with the treatment for your personal injury without all the distractions that can come with legal cases. 

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We also work on a contingency fee basis, meaning you only pay attorney fees when we win your court case.

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Does the Roundup Weed Killer Cause Cancer?

Yes, the Roundup weed killer may cause cancer, and plenty of legal and scientific evidence supports this. The most common form of cancer in these cases has been non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma, but recent lawsuits have also proven other links [1]. 

The active ingredient is called glyphosate, and Bayer/Monsanto still doesn’t warn consumers about the true health risks of this toxic chemical. 

Many plaintiffs developed non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma years after their exposure, but the worrying thing for many people is the evidence of a link to leukemia and multiple myeloma [2].

Surprisingly, the EPA still doesn’t acknowledge this link by warning people about the potential for developing cancer. 

But the World Health Organization and International Agency For Research On Cancer have taken a different stance by warning of the probable carcinogen [3]. And there have been growing calls to support an international ban on glyphosate, based on public health concerns. 

“Monsanto’s conduct involved repeated actions over a period of many years motivated by the desire for sales and profit.”
1st Appellate District In The Court Of Appeal For California

Who Can File Lawsuits in Minnesota?

A lawyer writing down on brown paperIn Minnesota, lawsuits can be filed by people who have developed cancer with proof of regular Roundup use in the past. The important thing to highlight is that you must prove a personal injury

It’s not enough for agricultural workers, landscapers, or greenkeepers to say that they used the weed killer without being warned of the consequences. Lawsuits must be based on an illness with a proven link to Roundup. 

The most common type of plaintiff for a lawsuit had exposure through employment. But there are also ways that people suffer the consequences because others used Roundup near their homes or workplaces. 

For Roundup cancer victims, it’s important to have the best legal team to ensure that the evidence is collected and presented in the best possible way for a successful result. 

What Is the Statute of Limitations in Minnesota?

The statute of limitations for a lawsuit in Minnesota is three years based on legislation for filing personal injury cases [4]. The important thing to remember is that this deadline is not linked to when you may have been exposed to Roundup. 

Because developing cancer like non-Hodgkin lymphoma can take many years, the rules in these statutes are tied to either the first symptoms or a medical cancer diagnosis. 

It’s very different from accident injuries tied to an event with a specific date and time. 

However, establishing a timeline of events from the Roundup exposure to the cancer diagnosis is an important part of filing a lawsuit and one that requires experienced litigation lawyers to fully analyze all the evidence. 

How Much Is a Lawsuit Worth?

A lawyer holding a clipboard while standing up

In Minnesota, lawsuits can achieve average settlement payouts in the hundreds of thousands of dollars, with some cases resulting in payouts of more than a million dollars. However, it’s important to understand that individual cases depend on the personal circumstances of the plaintiffs. 

Here are some of the variables that will influence a payout related to the Roundup weed killer: 

  • The medical diagnosis and severity of your cancer illness
  • How much of an impact cancer has on your quality of life and life expectancy
  • The impact on your ability to work and provide financial security for your family
  • Overall pain and discomfort from the illness and treatment
  • Costs associated with your medical treatment to ensure the best possible outcome
  • Impacts on your mental health including stress, anxiety, and depression
  • How you have been impacted when it comes to household chores and caring for children

Establishing a value for these and many other possible variables in your case requires the skills and experience of attorneys that have dealt with many such cases in the past. 

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