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With the number of lawsuits drastically increasing in recent years, plaintiffs in Illinois have been even more successful in their legal action against Monsanto/Bayer than before. 

One reason is that more people are receiving a cancer diagnosis after developing non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma many years after Roundup exposure. 

But the other major change is that the Roundup weed killer has now been linked to several more types of cancer. 

And anyone who may be concerned that their cancer relates to Roundup use at home or through employment should immediately seek legal advice. 

Here’s why it’s so important.

A lawyer talking to a client about paperworkWhile most lawsuits around the weed killer Roundup focused on people who developed non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma, there was a well-established process for presenting evidence in court. 

This has been a highly successful process, but with new types of cancer gaining successful jury verdicts in court, you need a legal team that can adapt quickly to such changes. 

Here at Schmidt & Clark, we have been involved in litigation against some of the largest corporations in America for over 20 years. 

And that level of experience has given us a reputation for never backing down or leaving a stone unturned to get our clients the best possible results. 

We also ensure that we always put our clients’ needs at the center of everything we do. It creates an attorney-client relationship that plaintiffs can trust and rely on. And it takes the stress out of the legal process knowing that we work on a contingency fee basis. 

You won’t have to worry about huge upfront legal costs, allowing you to take the necessary actions to get the compensation you deserve.

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Is Roundup Linked to Cancer?

Yes, Roundup is linked to cancer, and scientists have established evidence for multiple types, including non-Hodgkin lymphoma, leukemia, and multiple myeloma [1].

Non-Hodgkin lymphoma can take several years to develop to a stage where people might have symptoms of swollen lymph nodes or a medical diagnosis through a regular screening test. 

And because there are now multiple approaches to these lawsuits, you need the support of experienced litigators to establish the right evidence for presentation in court. 

Some plaintiffs are also concerned about their prospects of success because the Environmental Protection Agency still hasn’t listed glyphosate as a potential carcinogen. 

However, the World Health Organization And The International Agency For Research On Cancer have taken steps to warn people about the dangers, and they have been highly critical of the continued use of glyphosate despite it being a probable carcinogen [2].

If you’re confused about your medical situation and whether there’s evidence of a cancer link, then take advantage of our free consultation and let our litigation team review your details. 

Who Is Eligible for a Lawsuit in Illinois?

A lawyer shaking a client's handPeople who regularly had Roundup exposure at home or work and later developed some form of cancer may be eligible for a lawsuit. 

Most often, agricultural workers, landscapers, gardeners, and lawn care workers would have had a lot of glyphosate exposure

What’s important to understand is that to file litigation, you must prove a personal injury. It’s not enough to have been exposed to the active ingredient on many occasions. 

Many people also wonder if they can save time and stress by joining class action lawsuits. However, there are none available now in a district or federal court. 

What some potential plaintiffs may have seen is multidistrict litigation in some states. But this involves lawsuits filed simultaneously where certain questions and evidence are dealt with in one go to make the process more effective. 

What Is the Statute of Limitations in Illinois?

In Illinois, lawsuits have a roundup lawsuit statute of limitations that is two years [3]. What’s important to understand in a lawsuit is that this two-year deadline is based on the time you had the first symptoms of cancer or a medical diagnosis through a screening test. 

Unlike personal injuries through an accident where there is a specific date and time, people have developed cancer many years after they used Roundup for work or at home. 

But establishing this timeline of Roundup use and the onset of a bodily injury takes careful analysis and presentation of facts to ensure that there are no mistakes in filing such legal cases. 

It’s why we recommend that people don’t waste any time before making a phone call to our litigation team. We will carefully assess your situation and ensure you don’t miss out on a significant payout. 

How Much Is a Lawsuit Worth?

A lawyer's clients looking at paperwork

A lawsuit in Illinois can be worth hundreds of thousands of dollars. But the final value set in court or through a settlement offer will depend on the individual circumstances of your personal injury. 

Because the medical impacts of the Roundup weed killer can vary a lot, it takes careful analysis by a litigation team to achieve the highest possible settlement payout

Here are some of the main variables:

  • The medical diagnosis and what doctors expect the outcome of treatment will be
  • The impact of lost income due to the illness and treatment
  • Whether you will be able to return to work and provide for your family
  • Medical expenses you have had to pay to get the best treatment
  • Future medical bills for ongoing treatment and recovery
  • Whether you’re able to care for your children and perform household chores
  • Mental health issues like depression, anxiety, and stress

All of this, along with punitive damages, will ultimately become part of what your attorney will present in court.

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