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Rexulti FAQ

Our attorneys are concerned that the antipsychotic drug Rexulti, which is nearly identical to Abilify and made by the same company, may cause similar side effects including compulsive gambling, eating, shopping and having sex.

Rexulti FAQ page. Click here if you believe you were injured by the side effects of Rexulti, Abilify, or any other antipsychotic medication.

Free Confidential Lawsuit Evaluation: If you or a loved one was harmed by the side effects of Rexulti, you should contact our law firm immediately. You may be entitled to compensation by filing a suit and our lawyers can help.

What is Rexulti Used For?

Rexulti (generic: brexpiprazole) is an oral atypical antipsychotic medication used to treat schizophrenia, and as an adjunctive therapy to antidepressants for the treatment of major depressive disorder (MDD).

What’s the Problem?

Since Rexulti is chemically nearly identical to Abilify, many are concerned that it may increase the risk for the same serious side effects, namely compulsive behavior (gambling, sex, eating, shopping). Whereas these risks are warned about on the labeling of Abilify, no such warning appears on Rexulti labels.

Which Side Effects has Rexulti Been Linked to?

Serious side effects of Rexulti may include:

  • Uncontrollable Compulsive Behaviors – Gambling, sex, shopping, eating.
  • Extrapyramidal Effects – Acute dyskinesias and dystonic reactions, tardive dyskinesia, Parkinsonism, akinesia, akathisia, neuroleptic malignant syndrome.
  • Suicidal Thoughts – Particularly in children, teenagers and young adults.

Is There Any Reason Not to Take Rexulti?

In addition to the risk of developing the above side effects, the cost of Rexulti make it a drug that few patients can afford, even with insurance. Since Rexulti is a new medication, it costs far more than other similar antipsychotics that are available in generic formulations. Check online for discounts and coupons.

Are Lawsuits Being Filed?

Our firm is not aware of any lawsuits filed to date over the alleged side effects of Rexulti. However, it is a brand new medication and the first complaints have only recently begun surfacing.

Abilify, Rexulti’s predecessor and a drug many critics feel Otsuka developed specifically to replace, has been the subject of numerous lawsuits filed by patients alleging uncontrollable compulsive behaviors such as gambling, eating, shopping and having sex.

Is There a Class Action?

No class action lawsuit has been filed to date in the Rexulti litigation.

Can I File a Rexulti Lawsuit?

Only a qualified attorney can determine whether you are eligible to file a lawsuit against Otsuka America Pharmaceutical, Inc., the maker of Rexulti, which is why we are currently offering free case evaluations. Simply fill out the confidential evaluation form below to contact our law firm now.

How Can Filing a Lawsuit Help Me?

By filing a lawsuit against the maker of Rexulti, you may be entitled to collect compensation for all current and future medical expenses related to the treatment of your injury, as well as for damages for pain and suffering. Additionally, filing a lawsuit can help hold the drug’s manufacturer accountable for releasing an allegedly defective drug into the marketplace, and to discourage other pharmaceutical companies from engaging in similar conduct.

Do I have a Rexulti Lawsuit?

The Pharmaceutical Litigation Group at our law firm is an experienced team of trial lawyers that focus on the representation of plaintiffs in Rexulti lawsuits. We are investigating individual litigation nationwide and currently reviewing new injury and death cases in all 50 states.

Free Case Evaluation: Again, if you were injured after taking Rexulti, you should contact our law firm immediately. You may be entitled to a settlement by filing a suit and we can help.

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