Reglan and Radiation Therapy

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Reglan as treatment for radiation therapy side effects

Reglan & Radiation Therapy: an Overview

Cancer patients undergoing radiation therapy often experience nausea because the majority of standard treatments that are effective in killing cancer cells are likely to have a negative effect on the patient as well. This is due to the fact that cancer is essentially made up of the body’s own native cells instead of foreign pathogens.

Since proper nutrition is vital to the recovery of cancer patients, controlling nausea in the patient is extremely important. This is one reason doctors involved in cancer treatment have prescribed metoclopramide, which is sold under the brand name Reglan.

Uses of Reglan to treat cancer-related nausea, such as for radiation nausea, or the use of oral Reglan to treat chemotherapy nausea, may be off-label uses. Additionally, as with Reglan for chemotherapy-induced nausea, Reglan is sometimes used to treat post-operative nausea. Although off-label use of the drug is not illegal, it is not recommended because studies have not proven the drug to be safe and effective for such capacities.

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