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Pressure cookers have been a popular kitchen appliance for many years, offering a quick and efficient means of cooking food. However, recent New Mexico pressure cooker lawsuit cases reveal a darker side to these appliances, with alleged product defects causing severe injuries. The importance of consumer safety and manufacturers’ responsibility to address potential product defects cannot be overstated.

In the event that you or a family member has experienced injuries caused by a pressure cooker, the committed team at Schmidt & Clark, LLP, is ready to offer their support. As a nationally renowned law firm specializing in exploding pressure cooker cases on behalf of plaintiffs, our primary objective is to ensure that you receive the justice and fair compensation that you are entitled to.

New Mexico Pressure Cooker Injury Lawsuits

In New Mexico, there’s a noticeable uptick in pressure cooker lawsuits, as multiple manufacturers are being sued for alleged product defects leading to severe injuries. A pressure cooker lawsuit filed alleges negligence in design and manufacturing, failure to warn about risks, and faulty lid locks.

The incidents of pressure cooker explosions underscore the need for enhanced safety features and awareness about the serious safety risk these appliances pose, especially when it comes to exploding pressure cookers.

Which Pressure Cooker Brands Are Named in The Lawsuits?

Pressure cooker brands that are named in the lawsuits include Sunbeam, Instant Pot, Tristar, Breville, Maxi-Matic U.S.A., and Sensio. Purchasing a defective pressure cooker presents potential risks and hazards to consumers. Pressure cooking was initially considered dangerous due to instances of pressure cooker explosions.

With a variety of features and capacities, Instant Pot pressure cookers offer customers the flexibility to choose a model that best suits their needs.

Plaintiff Claims in Pressure Cooker Injury Lawsuit

Plaintiffs in pressure cooker injury lawsuits claim defective design, malfunctioning safety features, and inadequate warnings from manufacturers. The functioning of pressure cookers is based on the principle of trapping steam within the pot, thereby creating a pressure of 15 pounds per square inch, which facilitates faster cooking of food.

“Safety features built into pressure cookers are supposed to prevent pressure cookers from becoming home safety hazards, but pressure cooker lawsuits claim defective product design and safety features led to explosions creating a false sense of security.”- Consumer

However, defective designs related to safety mechanisms have resulted in many Instant Pot lids malfunctioning and ejecting their scalding hot contents, leading to serious injuries.

Common Pressure Cooker Injury

Burns, explosions, and other injuries have been reported in relation to pressure cooker accidents. Certain producers have been producing models with defective safety components. Consumers allege that a defective valve results in pressure accumulating within the cooker without any release, thus leading to explosions.

Defective designs of the safety mechanisms of Instant Pot lids have been responsible for many mishaps. These malfunctions have led to reckless ejections of boiling contents, resulting in serious injuries.

The Elite Bistro pressure cooker lawsuit concluded with the following injuries [1]:

  • The lid of the pressure cooker exploding
  • Second- and third-degree burns to the victim’s upper body
  • Acute pain immediately following the incident
  • Ongoing discomfort for a considerable period that impacted their ability to sleep and walk

Instant Pot pressure cooker explosions are a significant cause of skin burns. This is the most common type of injury associated with this appliance.

Potential damages include severe burns, facial injuries, and electric shock. The victim in the Elite Bistro pressure cooker lawsuit sustained second and third-degree burns to a significant portion of her upper body, resulting in permanent scarring and necessitating painful ongoing treatment for years.

Filing a New Mexico Pressure Cooker Lawsuit

It is essential to contact a product liability lawyer to obtain reparation from the manufacturer. To pursue a pressure cooker lawsuit in New Mexico, it is advised to seek medical attention, preserve any relevant evidence.

For effective evidence preservation in a pressure cooker injury case, follow these steps:

  1. Seek immediate medical care for injuries.
  2. Preserve the incident scene as much as possible.
  3. Photograph the pressure cooker and any visible injuries.
  4. Keep all medical records and reports pertaining to the injuries.
  5. Seek counsel from a lawyer specializing in pressure cooker injury cases.

In a New Mexico pressure cooker lawsuit, a product liability lawyer represents the injured or affected individuals. Their responsibilities encompass:

  • Evidence collection
  • Lawsuit filing
  • Settlement negotiation
  • Advocating for their clients’ rights and compensation.

Pressure Cooker Lawsuit Settlement Amounts in New Mexico

Settlement amounts in New Mexico pressure cooker lawsuits vary depending on the severity of injuries, with compensation ranging from $40,000 to $2,000,000. The average settlement compensation for defective pressure cooker lawsuits varies significantly. Payouts range from $125,000 to $200,000 for second-degree burns and up to $2,000,000 for third-degree burns.

The projected settlement values in lawsuits against manufacturers like NuWave, Power Pressure Cooker XL, Chef Di Cucina, Bene Casa, Ninja Foodi, and other pressure cooker manufacturers.

The details of the settlement for the injured child in the Instant Pot pressure cooker lawsuit were kept confidential. Still, if approved by the court, the injured child would be entitled to receive monthly payments commencing from the age of 18 years.

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