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Delaware’s comprehensive product liability laws assign responsibility to commercial product sellers in the event of consumer product lawsuits, such as those resulting from a pressure cooker explosion.

Given the approximate 4,820 pressure cooker injuries that occur in the U.S. annually, Delaware is experiencing an increase in lawsuits involving brands such as Instant Pot, Cook’s Essentials, and Power Pressure Cooker XL.

Should you or a family member have experienced injuries resulting from a pressure cooker, the committed professionals at Schmidt & Clark, LLP, are ready to offer their support. As a nationally acknowledged law firm specializing in cases for plaintiffs, our main objective is to ensure you receive the justice and the fair compensation you rightfully deserve.

Delaware Pressure Cooker Injury Lawsuits

Victims often seek legal action against pressure cooker manufacturers when a faulty pressure cooker results in severe injuries like burns, cuts, and scarring.

A defective pressure cooker explosion can result from design flaws, such as a pressure cooker malfunction like a faulty pressure valve or an improperly fitting pressure cooker’s lid. Instant Pot, for instance, has faced lawsuits alleging that its safety features did not work properly, resulting in severe serious burn injuries and permanent scarring.

Both electric and stovetop pressure cookers can be hazardous if they possess design defects or malfunctioning safety features. It is the responsibility of manufacturers to guarantee their products adhere to minimum safety standards to avoid such incidents. If you’ve been hurt by a faulty pressure cooker or suffered severe burns from an exploding pressure cooker, you could be eligible for a payout from the manufacturer.

In Delaware, victims of pressure cooker injuries are filing lawsuits via law firms to seek compensation. Operating on a contingency fee basis, these pressure cooker lawsuits entail no payment from victims unless they win their case.

Which Pressure Cooker Brands Are Named in The Lawsuits?

Pressure cooker brands that are named in the lawsuits are Instant Pot, Power Pressure Cooker XL, Tristar Power Pressure Cooker, and others who are being sued over defective pressure cookers, resulting in injuries.

The manufacturers, such as Instant Brands, Inc. and Double Brands, Inc., also known as the Instant Pot Company, are held responsible for any harm caused by their injury-causing or defective products. Power Pressure Cooker XL, on the other hand, has faced lawsuits due to issues with its safety features.

“The thermal probe in the base can conduct electricity throughout the cooker, posing a risk of electric shock.”- The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC)

Plaintiff Claims in Pressure Cooker Injury Lawsuit

Plaintiffs allege that the pressure cookers possess defective safety features and designs and lack adequate warnings, which lead to explosions and injuries.

For example, the safety mechanisms that were supposed to lock the lid when there was still a hazardous amount of pressure inside did not work when the Instant Pot exploded. A faulty valve could be another reason behind pressure cooker explosions, leading to pressure building up inside the cooker with no outlet for it.

The ensuing injuries from these explosions can be severely damaging. Instant Pot pressure cookers have been known to cause severe burns and even permanent scarring. When a pressure cooker explodes, it can send out scalding hot contents, potentially burning unsuspecting users.

Common Pressure Cooker Injury

Explosions from exploding pressure cookers can result in severe injuries, including [1]:

Defective parts and safety features can be the main culprits behind these devastating incidents. For example, if the lid seal or lock isn’t done properly, it could lead to a pressure cooker explosion.

Taking safety measures like:

  • Researching the brand and model
  • Adhering to the manufacturer’s instructions
  • Keeping an eye on recalls
  • Using the product correctly
  • Monitoring its usage
  • Reporting any defects or malfunctions

Our guide can help Delaware consumers avoid defective pressure cookers, including electric pressure cookers.

Pressure Cooker Lawsuit Settlement Amounts in Delaware

In Delaware, settlement amounts for pressure cooker lawsuits differ, with brands such as Instant Pot experiencing substantial payouts.

The settlement compensation payout for a defective pressure cooker lawsuit in Delaware varies depending on the severity of the burn. Second-degree burns can have payouts ranging from $125,000 to $200,000, while third-degree burns range from $600,000 to $2,000,000.

Instant Pot Settlements

Instant Pot has faced multiple Instant Pot lawsuit instances and settlements due to defective pressure cookers causing injuries. The Illinois lawsuit claims that Instant Brands misled people about the safety of their Instant Pot pressure cookers, citing substantial burn injuries and severe burns as the injuries caused by these products.

Examples of settlements and their amounts include the recall of over 1,100 “Smart” model pressure cookers and over 100,000 Gem 65 8-in-1 Multi-cookers by Instant Brands. Other settlements involve compensation for victims who suffered injuries due to Instant Pot pressure cooker explosions.

Other Pressure Cooker Brands

Other brands, such as Power Pressure Cooker XL, have also faced defective pressure cooker lawsuits and settlements for their faulty products. The Power Pressure Cooker XL lawsuits included over a dozen models sold between March 1, 2013, and January 19, 2018, alleging that these cookers had dangerous design defects and the potential for explosions causing injuries.

People have reported serious injuries in a pressure cooker explosion lawsuit cases, like severe burns from scalding liquid or steam, broken bones, and other complications resulting from explosions. These incidents have led to substantial settlements for the victims.

Filing a Delaware Pressure Cooker Lawsuit

In Delaware, victims of pressure cooker injuries can enlist the help of skilled attorneys to file a lawsuit and seek compensation for their damages. It’s imperative to file a claim promptly before the statute of limitations expires, which would invalidate the claim.

Potential Compensation

Pressure cooker lawsuit compensation may encompass medical expenses, lost wages, pain, and suffering, among other damages.

The amount of compensation is determined by factors such as injury severity, medical bills, lost income, pain and suffering, and any long-term effects or disabilities resulting from the faulty product. The settlement amount can differ greatly depending on the details of the case.

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