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Pressure Cooker Accidents Statistics
Explosion Cases & Injuries

You may be wondering how pressure cooker explosions occur. This article contains statistics on pressure cooker accidents, and information on what to do if you are the victim of a pressure cooker explosion.
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OSHA Pressure Cooker Injury Statistics

  • Accident: 202674826 – Worker Burned While Cleaning Pressure Cooker: On April 6, 2013, a 28-year-old male employee with Honeybee Foods Corporation had added water and 2 packets of Keystone Fryer Cleaner to a Henny Penny Pressure Fryer before closing the lid and setting it to cleaning mode.The water/cleaner solution became pressurized and started to boil over. When the man attempted to release the pressure, hot liquid splashed out and burned his right thigh, right forearm, and stomach. The employee required hospitalization and treatment for second-degree chemical burns.
  • Accident: 201044252 – Employee’s Body Burned With Hot Oil: On July 4, 2009, a main cook was standing in front of a Henny Penny 8-Head gas pressure fryer and lifted the lid to remove cooked chicken. The lid shot up, dislocating the woman’s right shoulder and spilling scalding hot oil onto her arms, abdomen, and legs.A coworker called for an ambulance, and the woman was taken to the University Medical Center Burn Unit in Las Vegas, Nevada, where she was hospitalized for severe burn injuries.

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  • Accident: 202539987 – Employee Burned By Steam Kettle: On November 22, 2008, a male food service mechanic was replacing the high limit sensor of a steam kettle in the North Campus Student Center kitchen. The man replaced the switch then turned the power back on and fired the kettle. The kettle started heating and he observed that the pressure gauge passed 30 psi.He found that the sensor was still not working and turned off the kettle so it could cool down. An hour later, he removed the nipple of the newly installed sensor to see if it was clogged. He suffered severe burn injuries when hot water and steam gushed out onto his forearm and abdomen.
  • Accident: 202441085 – Employee Burned By Hot Oil From Pressure Cooker: On January 8, 2005, a female employee was working at a market operating a Collectramatic Pressure Cooker. A coworker had begun the cooking time for potatoes when the female victim relieved him for his lunch break. The alarm beeped, signaling that the cook cycle had been completed, and the employee pressed down button Number 2, and then pressed down on the metal plate, which releases excess steam at the end of the cook cycle.She was pressing down on the metal plate when she heard a loud pop. Hot oil spewed from the cooker, dousing the employee. The employee sustained third-degree burns to her bilateral upper extremities, bilateral bust, and left chest.
  • Accident: 201036886 – Employee Burned By Steam And Hot Milk Products: On October 21, 2004, a machine operator suffered first- and second-degree burns to his neck, chest, and arms when he was scalded by steam and hot soy milk while using a large pressure cooker. The pressure cooker consisted of a 2-ft-6 in. hinged lid attached to a 3-ft-6 in. kettle.The employee was heating the soy milk and had begun to transfer the liquid to the bottling area, which it did not do, so the man bypassed a redundant pneumatic safety device and attempted to open the kettle. The safety mechanism prevented the lid from opening; however, hot steam and liquid escaped from a crack between the lid and the kettle seal. The employee was hospitalized for 5 days for treatment of severe burns.
  • Accident: 201103223 – Three Employees Burned By Hot Cooking Oil: On July 26, 2002, a male employee was cooking chicken in a Henny Penny 8-head gas pressure fryer unit. While the cooker was still under pressure, the man released the lid, and hot cooking oil splashed out on him and on 2 other employees.Employee #1 was transported to the UC Medical Center in Sacramento, CA, where he was admitted to the burn unit. Employees #2 and #3 were treated at local hospitals and released.
  • Accident: 201482312 – Employee Injured When Burned By Pressure Fryer: A male employee had opened the pressure fryer lid while the appliance was operating and under pressure. He sustained second-degree and third-degree burn injuries to the upper and lower body and face when hot oil splashed from the fryer.
  • Accident: 792564 – Employee Burned By Hot Cooking Oil: A 17-year-old female employee of Fred’s Market had initiated the pressure-release procedure on a fryer that had just completed a cooking cycle. Apparently, the girl failed to wait for the pressure to subside before she released the hold-down mechanism. She was sprayed with hot cooking oil as she released the lid on the fryer. She suffered second and third-degree burns to her chest and required emergency hospitalization.

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