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Physiomesh Lawsuit Filed in Massachusetts

A man who allegedly had complications after hernia repair surgery with the Physiomesh hernia patch has filed a lawsuit against Ethicon.

A man who claims he was seriously injured after undergoing hernia repair surgery with the Physiomesh hernia patch has filed a products liability lawsuit against Ethicon in U.S. District Court in Massachusetts.

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What’s the Problem?

December 12, 2016 – According to the lawsuit (PDF), Plaintiff David Watring underwent parastomal hernia repair with Ethicon Physiomesh in April 2013 at Falmouth Hospital in Massachusetts. Watring claims that by November of the same year, his hernia had returned and he was forced to have another surgery. This time, his hernia contained loops of the small bowel, a complication not seen before the first hernia repair.

In March 2016, Watring underwent hernia repair surgery for the third time, and once again small loops of bowel were discovered in the hernia, along with adhesions between the loops. The procedure took “an extensive amount of time” in order to make all of the necessary repairs, according to the lawsuit. However, despite the intricate care taken during this third surgery, the hernia recurred once again and Watring is now waiting to see if another procedure will be necessary or even possible.

The three failed surgeries have caused Watring both physical and mental pain and suffering, as well as “substantial physical deformity,” according to the lawsuit. Plaintiff further alleges that he suffered financial setbacks from his inability to work due to his injuries.

Physiomesh polypropylene mesh was approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in 2010, primarily for hernia repair. Ethicon marketed the hernia patch as inert and safe for placement in the human body; however, mounting evidence has found that the material is not biocompatible and can create an immune response within the body. The mesh can also fail to incorporate into the abdominal wall as it was designed to do, which can result in the need for corrective surgery for recipients.

In March 2016, Ethicon voluntarily withdrew Physiomesh due to a high rate of revision surgeries and hernia recurrences. Although not officially classified as a recall, the action included a return of all unexpired Physiomesh hernia patches to the manufacturer. Ethicon said they chose to withdraw the mesh after failing to identify the cause of the high failure rate and could not issue any additional instructions for surgeons to lower that rate.

Do I Have a Physiomesh Lawsuit?

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