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Physiomesh Class Action Lawsuit Filed in Canada

A class action lawsuit has been filed in Canada by a group of plaintiffs who claim they were injured by the Essure permanent contraceptive.

Hernia repair patients in Canada have filed a class action lawsuit against Ethicon Inc. over injuries alleged from the company’s Physiomesh hernia patch.

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What’s the Problem?

March 30, 2017 – According to the class action, Physiomesh contains a design defect that causes the hernia patch to tear, contract, or migrate, which can lead to complications including perforation, abscesses, adhesion, infection and the need for revision surgery. Plaintiffs say they were not adequately warned about these risks prior to undergoing hernia repair surgery.

Physiomesh was recalled in Canada last year after the device was linked to higher than expected rates of recurrence and reoperation compared to other hernia mesh patches.

At the time of the recall, Ethicon claimed the complications were due to a “multifactorial issue,” including possible product characteristics and patient factors, but the company was unable to “fully characterize these factors.”

One of the plaintiffs in the class action is 34-year-old Colleen Copland, who was implanted with Physiomesh to cover a hole in her abdomen left over from routine hernia repair surgery. Copland has since learned that the mesh patch “stretched out,” causing her hernia to recur and become more painful than ever.

“The pain is always there,” Copland said. “It feels like my insides are going to explode.”

In the U.S., Ethicon will defend itself in the first Physiomesh lawsuit to go to trial next year in the Southern District of Illinois. Plaintiff in that case, Matthew Huff, claims he developed abdominal abscesses and intestinal fistulas after being implanted with Physiomesh in 2013.

Do I Have a Physiomesh Lawsuit?

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