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OxyElite Pro Deaths

In recent months, the controversial pre-workout dietary supplement OxyElite Pro has been linked to deaths caused by liver failure. The manufacturer of OxyElite Pro, Dallas-based USPlabs, agreed to recall the supplement in November 2013 after it was found to be the likely cause of dozens of cases of liver failure and acute hepatitis around the country. The U.S. Food & Drug Administration (FDA) has advised any consumers in possession of OxyElite Pro to discard it immediately or return it to the place of purchase for a full refund.

OxyElite Pro Lawsuit Update 4/16/14: Earlier this month, a panel of federal judges denied a motion by the makers of OxyElite Pro and Jack3d to transfer and consolidate a number of products liability lawsuits to federal court in Philadelphia. The litigation contends that the supplements contained altered ingredients that were unsafe and unapproved by the FDA, leading to a nationwide hepatitis outbreak. Click here to learn more.

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Hawaiian Woman Dies After Taking OxyElite Pro

Of the 41 cases of acute hepatitis and liver failure currently being investigated by federal and state health officials, at least one OxyElite Pro user has died. 48-year-old Sonnette Marras allegedly started taking OxyElite Pro just weeks before becoming violently ill. Marras’ condition deteriorated rapidly, and she was put in a medically induced coma at The Queen’s Medical Center in Hawaii in September 2013. Marras, a mother of seven, finally succumbed to liver failure on October 4.

In addition to this unfortunate death, several OxyElite Pro users have required liver transplant operations to save their lives. Patients injured by the supplement range in age from 16 to 67 years old. Health authorities have determined that most of these individuals had been using OxyElite Pro in the 60 days leading up to their illnesses.

OxyElite Pro Recall

In response to the problems with OxyElite Pro, on November 10, 2013, the FDA announced a nationwide recall for the supplements. The administration stated that it is investigating whether counterfeit versions of OxyElite Pro, which are believed to be widely available on the Internet, were related to any of the cases.

“National case finding efforts have identified several individuals from states outside Hawaii with reported OxyELITE Pro or other weight loss or muscle building dietary supplement use prior to the development of acute hepatitis of unknown cause,” the CDC stated in a health advisory. “CDC, in collaboration with state health departments, is collecting additional clinical and epidemiologic information from these individuals to determine if this outbreak is national in scope.”

OxyElite Pro Banned by U.S. Military

In addition to the recent hepatitis outbreak associated with OxyElite Pro, the U.S. military banned the supplement on government-owned facilities in February 2012 following the deaths of two soldiers. In the summer of 2011, a 22-year-old soldier collapsed and died while running at a military base in the Southwest. Three months later, a 32-year-old soldier collapsed while exercising, and died after a month in the hospital. Both soldiers were subsequently found to have dietary supplements similar to OxyElite Pro in their systems when they died.

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