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On-Q® Painbuster® Pain Pump Lawsuit



The On-Q Painbuster intra-articular pain pump has been linked in recent studies to an increased risk of a rare, life-altering condition known as Postarthroscopic Glenohumeral Chondrolysis.

What is Postarthroscopic Glenohumeral Chondrolysis (PAGCL)?

Postarthroscopic glenohumeral chondrolysis is a condition in which the cartilage located within the shoulder joint begins to deteriorate. This typically occurs after an individual has had surgery on the affected shoulder. The condition generally affects the glenohumeral joint, which is the joint at the end of the shoulder comprised of the socket of the shoulder blade and the ball of the arm bone. The cartilage between these two portions of the arm and shoulder is the site affected by postarthroscopic glenohumeral chondrolysis. As the cartilage begins to deteriorate due to the condition, the individual starts to experience the complications associated with the disorder.

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