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Nevada Mom Alleges NutriBullet Explosion Caused Severe Hand Injuries

A woman from Nevada says she was crippled after a NutriBullet blender exploded and mutilated her hand. Across the U.S., dozens of similar reports have been alleged.

A woman from Nevada claims she was permanently crippled after her NutriBullet blender exploded, leaving her with catastrophic hand injuries.

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What’s the Problem?

December 12, 2017 – Plaintiff Wendy Littlefield of Las Vegas, Nevada, says she was using her NutriBullet to mix beans and tomatoes when the blender exploded, sending the blades slicing through her right hand, according to TMZ.

“It mangled my pinky finger, broke a lot of bones, mangled tendons,” Littlefield said. “[I] was in motion to turn it off and then there was the explosion.”

The blades sliced into Littlefield’s right hand, causing severe injuries that she says have already required at least 5 surgeries to treat, with disappointedly little success. She claims that she can still barely move her fingers or make a fist.

Littlefield must now wear a protective glove to cushion her hand, and says she can no longer work with her daughter Cambrie, a kid beauty pageant hair and makeup consultant who has been featured on TLC’s Toddlers and Tiaras.

In addition to Littlefield’s complaint, at least 2 dozen other people have filed suit against NutriBullet LLC, alleging similar injuries. Plaintiffs claim they were using NutriBullet as directed when the incidents occurred, but that a manufacturing defect caused them to explode.

Specifically, plaintiffs allege that NutriBullet’s quick-spinning blades create friction, which causes pressure to build up, forcing the container’s top to blow off, exposing users’ hands to the blades.

Do I Have a NutriBullet Lawsuit?

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