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The ever increasing demand for oil and natural gas has made it possible for many hard-working people to obtain high paying jobs. However, for many workers in these industries, financial gains come with a steep price. There has been a significant increase in the number of oil field injuries and related fatal deaths, affecting all employees including drivers, welders and derrick workers using hoists and cranes. When New Jersey oil field workers are injured on the job, the lawyers at Schmidt & Clark, LLP, advocate to secure the benefits they are entitled to receive.
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Have you or a loved one suffered severe injuries in an oil field accident in New Jersey? If so, you should contact our oil rig injury lawyers immediately for a free consultation. You may be entitled to seek compensation for lost wages by filing a personal injury lawsuit against oil and gas companies. An oil field injury lawyer can help you recover compensation.

The legal team of oilfield injury lawyers at Schmidt & Clark, LLP is dedicated to protecting the rights of injured oil rig workers and is one of the only firms with knowledge of maritime law willing to pursue justice in these practice areas in New Jersey and throughout the entire United States.

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Is There Oil in New Jersey?

The first well drilled for oil and natural gas in New Jersey was completed in 1868. Since then, at least 35 additional oil or gas exploration wells have been drilled in the state. The first well and 2 subsequent wells were drilled in the Triassic-Jurassic sandstones and shales of the Piedmont Province, with the others being located in the sands and clays of the New Jersey Coastal Plain. To date, none of the oil or natural gas exploration wells have struck anything that warrants further exploration.

Does New Jersey Have Any Oil Refineries?

Although New Jersey does not have any crude oil reserves or production, the state does have 2 oil refineries which have a combined capacity of nearly 360,000 barrels per day. These 2 oil refineries produce various refined petroleum products including motor gasoline, distillate fuel oil, aviation jet fuel, and petrochemical feedstocks.

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Are There Oil Rigs Off the Shore of New Jersey?

In response to the Bureau of Ocean Energy Management’s proposal to open nearly all of the United States coastline to offshore oil drilling, New Jersey in August 2018 passed Assembly Bill 839 to ban oil and gas exploration and drilling along its coastline. The bill, AB 839, restricts the leasing of tidal or submerged lands in state waters up to 3 miles off of the coastline for offshore exploration, drilling, and development.

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Is There a Nuclear Power Plant in New Jersey?

New Jersey has nuclear power plants in Salem County (the Salem and Hope Creek Generating Stations) and Ocean County (the Oyster Creek Generating Station). In 2021, nuclear power accounted for 44% of the state’s total electricity generation.

New Jersey Energy Profile Quick Facts

  • In 2021, natural gas and nuclear power accounted for 90% of New Jersey’s total electricity net generation.
  • Three storage sites for the 1-million-barrel federal Northeast Home Heating Oil Reserve are located at Perth Amboy, New Jersey.
  • New Jersey’s residential sector accounts for just 3% of the state’s petroleum consumption.
  • New Jersey was America’s 9th largest producer of electricity from solar energy in 2021 and ranked 3rd in small-scale solar. Overall, solar power accounted for nearly 7% of in-state electricity generation.
  • In 2023, New Jersey’s Board of Public Utilities approved 3,700 megawatts of offshore wind power generating capacity to reach the state’s goal of obtaining 7,500 megawatts of wind power capacity by 2035 and 11,000 megawatts by 2040.
  • Nearly three-quarters of New Jersey households rely on natural gas as their primary heating fuel, 16% use electric heat, and about 9% use petroleum products.

Fatal Work Injuries in New Jersey

Fatal work injuries totaled 82 in 2020 for New Jersey, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS). Transportation incidents resulted in 24 fatal work injuries, while exposure to harmful substances or environments accounted for 19 fatalities. Falls, slips, and trips accounted for another 18 deaths. These 3 major categories accounted for nearly three-quarters of all fatal workplace injuries in the state.

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