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Nature Relief Wart and Mole Remover Recall Lawsuit

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FDA Alert: Nature Relief Instant Wart and Mole Remover is now being recalled because it may cause severe skin burns in certain users. Injuries requiring emergency medical treatment have been reported in connection with this product. If you have purchased Nature Relief Instant Wart and Mole Remover, you should discontinue use immediately and discard the remaining contents.

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What’s the problem?

June 27, 2011 - The U.S. Food & Drug Administration (FDA) today announced that Nature Relief is recalling its Instant Wart and Mole Remover because the active ingredient, calcium oxide, can cause severe skin burns. Places at particular risk for extreme burns include areas of sensitive skin such as the face, areas around the eyes and genitalia.

This recall is voluntary but was prompted by an FDA inquiry to Nature Relief about the calcium oxide. To date, the administration has received at least one report of an individual sustaining a serious skin burn requiring emergency medical treatment after using Nature Relief Wart and Mole Remover.

Consumers who have purchased the product should discontinue using it immediately and discard the remaining contents inside a plastic bag and place them into a garbage can for safe disposal. If you still have moles you are concerned about, have them looked at by a licensed medical professional to ensure that they are not cancerous.

"The FDA advises that consumers are recommended to have moles reviewed by licensed medical professionals and ensure they are not cancerous. Moles when left untreated can possibly lead to melanoma a form of cancer and self-treatment of diseases such as cancer can cause a delay in early diagnosis, which may help prevent life threatening complications," according to the statement.

Nature Relief Instant Wart and Mole Remover is sold as a kit which contains repair cream, antiseptic wash, ‘triple antibiotic ointment,’ toothpicks, and a vanity kit.

According to the company, which is only about five months old and stationed in Miami Beach, Fla., the wart and mole remover was only sold through its own website. Apparently the product in question was never distributed through stores or wholesalers, and only a ‘very small quantity’ ever made it into customers’ hands. As of this writing, sales of Nature Relief products have been put on hold.

Mole and Wart Removal Information

Most warts are caused by the human papillomavirus (HPV), and are most often found on the hands and skin around the fingers. There are several common types of warts including:

  • Common warts
  • Plantar Warts (foot warts)
  • Flat warts
  • Facial warts

Certain individuals are more susceptible to the HPV virus than others, and warts can be transferred from person to person when the skin of an infected individual comes into contact with another person. While in most cases having a wart is not a serious health risk, there are many reasons individuals may want to have them removed.

Moles can appear anywhere on a person’s skin, alone or in groups. They are usually brown or near black, but can range in color from pinkish flesh tones to dark blue to black. Moles can be round, flat or raised, and are found in a variety of sizes. Everyone has at least a few moles on their body, most of which are predetermined before birth.

Regardless of the reason for wanting to have a mole or wart removed, a dermatologist should always be consulted first. A dermatologist is a doctor that specializes in the branch of medicine that deals with the skin and its diseases. They not only deal with the medical and surgical aspects of the skin, but also with cosmetic problems of the skin, scalp, hair and nails.

Do I have a Nature Relief Wart and Mole Remover Recall Lawsuit?

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