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New Study Finds Nail Salon Chemicals Hazardous

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New research has discovered that certain chemicals found in abundance in nail salons may be dangerous to workers and customers who come in contact with these products. These chemicals have been linked to severe neurological, reproductive, and endocrine damage.

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What’s the problem?

May 9, 2011 - According to a new study published in the American Journal of Public Health, a number of dangerous chemicals may be endangering the health of nail salon workers.

A research team at the Cancer Prevention Institute of California and Asian Health Services recruited 80 nail salon workers - all of whom were Vietnamese women - at 20 different salons to participate in the study. Researchers found unsafe levels of a number of different toxic chemicals in abundance in nail salons, including the solvent toluene, which has been linked to severe neurological, reproductive and endocrine damage.

The study found that the average toluene levels were 0.15 parts per million, nearly double the amount recommended by the California Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) for indoor air. Additionally, notable levels of the long-banned chemical methyl methacrylate were found in three of the salons being observed.

According to the study’s findings, the most frequently reported complaints among salon workers included irritation of the eyes, nose, throat, shortness of breath, nausea and coughing. Taking these findings into consideration, study researcher Thu Quach, PhD, MPH, said “This really explains why we have been hearing from salon workers about the health problems that they have.”

Nail salon workers are at a heightened risk of chemical-induced side effects because they are exposed to the chemicals on a daily basis. However, the dangerous chemicals are present in the nail care products themselves, which means that customers can be exposed as well, albeit to a lesser extent.

Does the FDA Test Nail Salon Products?

Unfortunately, the FDA does not safety test ingredients used in cosmetic or personal care products before they hit the market. That research is carried out by the industry itself. According to a 2006 report conducted by the National Asian Pacific American Women’s Forum, the nail industry uses 10,000 chemicals in its products, 89 percent of which have not been safety tested by any independent agency.

"We are also very concerned about worker health, typically women of color, Asian immigrants and Asian American women," said Felicia Eaves, a national campaigns organizer with Women' s Voices of the Earth. "They spend lots of time, 10 to 14 hours, working with these products. We know that many of these women have health effects, problems with spontaneous abortion and other health problems."

Do I have a Nail Salon Chemical Lawsuit?

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