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At Schmidt & Clark, LLP, we understand the depth of trust parents place in products meant to nurture their children. It’s alarming and heartbreaking when that trust is shattered, especially when it involves the health of your child.

We’ve been closely monitoring the growing concerns surrounding major baby formula brands like Enfamil and Similac. As these allegations unfold, we’re here to provide clarity, guidance, and support.

In this blog post, we will break down the specifics of these lawsuits, what they mean for affected families, and how we, as your dedicated Minnesota baby formula attorneys, can help you seek the justice and compensation your family deserves. We believe in empowering our clients with knowledge and, more importantly, in standing by them every step of the way.

NEC Baby Formula Lawsuits

In recent years, there has been a surge in baby formula lawsuits, specifically targeting Enfamil and Similac manufacturers. These lawsuits claim that cow milk-based formulas cause necrotizing enterocolitis (NEC) in premature infants. NEC is a devastating intestinal disease that can lead to severe complications, and even death, in vulnerable premature infants.

Extremely premature infants, also known as preterm infants, with their underdeveloped digestive and immune systems, are more susceptible to NEC. The disease can cause poor feeding, bacterial infections, and even death. Studies have shown that African-American infants are at an even higher risk of developing NEC.

Parents whose premature babies were diagnosed with NEC have lodged lawsuits against Enfamil and Similac manufacturers, aiming to recoup medical expenses and compensation for emotional distress linked to faulty baby formula. These lawsuits allege that the manufacturers failed to warn consumers about the potential risks associated with their infant formulas, putting profits above the safety of vulnerable infants.

Enfamil and Similac are not the only brands implicated in these lawsuits. Elecare baby formulas have also been the subject of legal action due to their alleged connection to NEC. Human milk fortifiers, such as those produced by Abbott Nutrition, have also been implicated in NEC cases. In this context, it’s essential to be cautious when choosing baby formula products for your little one.

As the connection between cow milk-based formulas and NEC becomes more widely known, an increasing number of parents are holding baby formula manufacturers responsible for their children’s suffering, resulting in a surge of NEC baby formula lawsuits across the country.

Enfamil NEC Lawsuits

Enfamil, a popular baby formula brand, has been at the center of numerous NEC lawsuits. Parents allege that their premature infants contracted NEC after feeding on Enfamil’s cow milk-based formulas and are demanding compensation for medical expenses, emotional distress, and other damages.

One such case involved Abigail Grosshuesch, who filed a lawsuit against Mead Johnson & Company LLC and Mead Nutrition Company after her baby developed NEC following the consumption of Enfamil cow-milk-based formula. Grosshuesch alleged negligence and other claims in her lawsuit [1].

Recent studies have underscored these claims, showing a significantly higher risk of NEC in infants fed cow milk-based formula compared to human breast milk. This evidence has bolstered the cases of plaintiffs seeking compensation for damages caused by Enfamil baby formulas [2].

With more parents sharing similar experiences, Enfamil is experiencing growing legal hurdles and escalating scrutiny over its alleged contribution to NEC in premature infants.

Similac NEC Lawsuits

Similac, another well-known baby formula brand, is also facing legal action due to its connection to NEC in premature infants. Parents of impacted children allege that Similac’s cow milk-based formula led to their babies contracting this lethal intestinal condition, and are seeking both accountability and damages for the inflicted harm.

Abbott Laboratories, the manufacturer of Similac, has been accused of producing and selling premature infant formula, which allegedly led to the development of NEC in some infants. Similar to the Enfamil lawsuits, parents seek compensation for medical expenses and emotional distress associated with their child’s suffering.

The growing number of Similac NEC lawsuits highlights the need for further investigation into the potential risks associated with cow milk-based formulas. As more cases come to light, these lawsuits will continue to put pressure on baby formula manufacturers to prioritize the safety and well-being of infants [3].

As with Enfamil, the mounting legal challenges against Similac demonstrate the growing concern among parents and the public about the potential dangers of cow milk-based formulas for premature infants.

Minnesota Statute of Limitations for NEC Lawsuits

For Minnesota residents contemplating an NEC baby formula lawsuit, it’s important to note that the state’s statute of limitations restricts such lawsuits to two years. This means that your window for filing a claim is limited.

Missing the deadline can have serious consequences. If the statute of limitations passes, your claim related to infant formulas could be dismissed, and you might not be able to file a lawsuit. However, there are some exceptions to the statute of limitations, such as if the plaintiff was a minor when the incident occurred, or if the defendant was out of state.

Due to the importance of the statute of limitations, swift action is needed if you suspect your child has been impacted by NEC from consuming Enfamil or Similac formula. Consulting with an experienced lawyer as soon as possible can help ensure that your case is filed within the appropriate time frame.

Finding a Baby Formula Lawyer in Minnesota


In the realm of NEC baby formula lawsuits, Minnesota families deserve a law firm that merges vast experience with unwavering commitment. Schmidt & Clark, LLP offers precisely that, providing unparalleled expertise to families navigating this complex legal landscape.

Minnesota residents looking for adept legal representation should prioritize firms with a deep understanding of NEC-related baby formula cases. Schmidt & Clark, LLP’s seasoned team has consistently showcased their proficiency in advocating for families facing such distressing circumstances.

While there are several avenues to locate a lawyer – be it through online searches, personal references, or bar associations – it’s the expertise and dedicated focus that truly counts. With Schmidt & Clark, LLP:

  • Experience Matters: Our firm has been at the helm of countless baby formula lawsuits, championing the rights of families and securing the compensation they rightfully deserve.
  • Your Concerns, Our Priority: Beyond legal expertise, we emphasize a client-centric approach, ensuring that every concern, question, or anxiety you have is addressed promptly and comprehensively.
  • The Cost and Time Factors: We understand that families may have reservations about the potential costs associated with legal representation. It’s essential to note that many law firms, including ours, often operate on a contingency fee basis. Additionally, it’s crucial to act promptly given the strict timelines (statute of limitations) for filing such lawsuits in Minnesota.

By partnering with Schmidt & Clark, LLP, you aren’t merely hiring a lawyer; you’re engaging a dedicated team poised to fight for your family’s rights with tenacity and compassion.

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At Schmidt and Clark, LLP we’re here to assist you in your time of need. If your child has been affected by NEC after using Enfamil or Similac, it’s crucial to act promptly.

The increasing number of NEC baby formula lawsuits associated with Enfamil and Similac underscores potential hazards. Parents are seeking compensation, and manufacturers face scrutiny for alleged negligence.

If your child has suffered due to these formulas, seek legal advice without delay. Connect with an experienced Minnesota baby formula lawyer for a free consultation. Together, we can pursue justice. Visit Schmidt and Clark now for a case evaluation.


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