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Minneapolis Sues Opioid Manufacturers, Distributors for Contributing to “Epidemic”

Minneapolis City Attorney Susan Segal has filed a lawsuit against pharmaceutical manufacturers and distributors for allegedly contributing to the nationwide “opioid epidemic” that now kills more people each year in the U.S. than breast cancer.

July 2, 2018 – The Minneapolis opioid suit takes aim at 17 different firms, alleging that their unchecked profit motives significantly contributed to the furtherance of the Opioid Epidemic, which currently claims nearly 120 lives each day in the U.S. alone.

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What’s the Problem?

The crux of the new case filed in Minneapolis — and numerous others recently entered in courts across the U.S. — is that the defendants’ actions in regards to marketing opioids such as OxyContin and Fentanyl was reckless and has resulted in a critical public health situation, according to the plaintiffs. The suit follows a similar one filed by Minnesota County attorneys, according to the Star Tribune.

The lawsuit highlights Purdue Pharma’s development of OxyContin in the 1990s, and the subsequent promotion of that and other similar opioids, while downplaying their risks and potential for addiction.

The complaint also follows unsuccessful attempts by Legislature to pass a “penny-a-pill” tax on opioids to combat the ongoing epidemic.

“With legislative efforts to hold pharmaceutical companies accountable stalled at the state and federal levels, our city is charting its own legal course and bringing the fight directly to opioid manufacturers and distributors,” said Mayor Jacob Frey. “For years they knowingly helped fuel this crisis — they need to provide the resources and support to help repair the damage.”

The suit marks the most recent in a number of similar complaints filed against opioid purveyors and other entities that profit off the drugs, filed on behalf of state governments and other officials in their desperate attempt to reverse the damage caused by opioid dependence and abuse in the U.S.

Do I Have an Opioid Lawsuit?

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