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Mesothelioma Drugs & Medications

What follows is a list of mesothelioma medications. Please contact us directly for the most updated mesothelioma drug information.

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What’s the problem?

A diagnosis of mesothelioma will normally be followed by several discussions with your oncologist. Such topics of discussion will cover prognosis and treatment options to battle the disease. More often than not, the course of treatment can include a variety of mesothelioma medications including:

  • Alimta – Medication that interferes with the growth of cancer cells and slows their spread in the body. Alimta can lower the blood cells that help your body fight infections. This can make it easier for you to bleed from an injury or get sick from being around others who are ill.
  • L-NDDP (aroplatin) – Medication made to exceed the usefulness of other platinum drugs like Cisplatin that are limited by toxicity and drug resistance.
  • Endostatin – naturally-occurring 20-kDa C-terminal fragment derived from type XVIII collagen. It is reported to serve as an anti-angiogenic agent, similar to angiostatin and thrombospondin. Endostatin has been shown to inhibit a tumor’s ability to grow blood vessels without destroying normal healthy cells.
  • Intrapleural interferon gamma – An anti-cancer drug, Interferon Gamma is directly administered into the affected area.
  • Photodynamic therapy (PDT) – is a type of cancer treatment based on the premise that single-celled organisms, if first treated with certain photosensitive drugs, will die when exposed to light at a particular frequency. PDT destroys cancerous cells by using this fixed frequency light to activate photosensitizing drugs which have accumulated in body tissues.
  • Gene Therapy – By accessing the genetic code that predisposes some cells to become cancerous when exposed to asbestos, gene therapy attempts to understand why proteins within cells cause them to be resilient to cancer, while others do not.

Do I have a Mesothelioma Lawsuit?

The Toxic Tort Litigation Group at our law firm is an experienced team of trial lawyers that focus exclusively on the representation of plaintiffs in asbestos-related mesothelioma lawsuits. We are handling individual litigation nationwide and currently accepting new cases in all 50 states.

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