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Mesothelioma Clinical Trials

Mesothelioma trials are currently being conducted to find a better and more effective means of treatment. Anyone interested in participating in a clinical trial should discuss the particular trial thoroughly with their doctor before a making a decision on whether it is right for them.

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What’s the problem?

Clinical trials are research studies completed with the help of human volunteers allow doctors, researchers, and drug companies to test various treatments for specific ailments. When handled by a professional and competent staff, clinical trials are safe for participants and can allow volunteers access to new and novel treatments for their disease. For a rare and difficult-to-treat cancer like mesothelioma, clinical trials can provide an alternative treatment path to certain patients.

There are three stages of clinical trials. Phase I trials enroll a limited number of people. They normally center around the correct dosage and relative safety of a particular drug. Phase II trials enroll more people and are used to determine if the new drug actually works against a particular illness. Phase III trials are the final phase before a drug is approved for treating a disease. During Phase III, the new drug is compared against the existing treatment. The goal during Phase III is to prove the new drug is a more effective treatment.

There are a variety of resources on the Internet that list ongoing clinical trials for mesothelioma, which include the qualifications for each. Those interested in participating in a clinical trial should consult their doctor. Doctors have access to all upcoming and current clinical trials, and can also help determine if a patient qualifies for a particular trial.

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