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Mesothelioma: Asbestos Alternatives

There is no single product in day-to-day use at work or at home that needs to be made from or contain deadly asbestos — yet over 3,000 workplace and home-based products contain this poison. It is possible to eliminate the use of asbestos by redesigning the job or product, or by using another, safer material.

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What’s the problem?

Today there are myriad of alternatives to products that contain asbestos. So, when remodeling a home or renovating an office building, there are many choices to be considered. Many of them are “green,” providing a safe alternative for the environment as well as for the individuals inside the building. Most are readily available and can be provided by a contractor.

The implementation of eco-friendly products can reduce annual energy costs in the household by 25 %. Many cities in the United States have begun adapting to the green paradigm in hopes of instilling environmentally sustainable building products that achieve a healthy home. Green alternatives to asbestos include the use of lcynene foam, cotton fiber and cellulose. Cotton fiber is made from recycled batted material and treated to be fireproof. A water based spray polyurethane foam, lcynene features no toxic components.

If asbestos is suspected in the home, the best advice is to leave it un-disturbed as this can make its fibers go airborne. A professional home inspector can determine the best course of action. If removal is necessary, a licensed abatement contractor who is licensed in handling dangerous materials will perform the removal. The Environmental Information Association has further information in regards to the removal, inspection of asbestos and green sustainable methods of construction.

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