Lumber Liquidators Formaldehyde Testing by EMSL Analytical, Inc

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Schmidt & Clark, LLP, a National product liability law firm has recently been contacted by a number of homeowners who purchased Lumber Liquidators laminate flooring products and who are concerned that their laminate floors contain excessive amounts of formaldehyde.

The most common question we have encountered has been… Where can I get my floors tested for formaldehyde?

We have been working as quickly as possible to locate an independent laboratory capable of testing large quantities of laminate flooring samples and we believe we have found one.

The laboratory is EMSL Analytical, Inc.

Disclaimer: It is important to remember that Schmidt & Clark, LLP is in no way affiliated with EMSL and has no financial incentive in referring you to their business. We are simply providing our website visitors and Facebook followers with a link to a company that can provide testing of your laminate flooring.

How to Get Your Laminate Floors Tested For Formaldehyde

If you are interested in having your floors tested for excessive levels of formaldehyde, EMSL has multiple testing options at different price points.  To learn more about their services, please click on the links below and either save them to your computer or print them for your reference.  These documents provide an overview of EMSL’s services and contact information, instructions for sending in samples, and a submittal form, which includes payment processing information.  Please read through all three documents carefully and contact EMSL with any questions.

  1. Welcome Message From EMSL Analytical
  2. Formaldehyde Test Description and Pricing Structure
  3. Submittal Form
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