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Taxotere Lawsuit Filed in Louisiana

A Louisiana woman has filed a lawsuit against Sanofi-Aventis, alleging that she suffered permanent hair loss after being treated with Taxotere for breast cancer.

A Louisiana woman who claims she lost hair that never came back after undergoing chemotherapy with Taxotere (generic: docetaxel) has filed a lawsuit against the manufacturer, Sanofi-Aventis.

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What’s the Problem?

November 21, 2016 – According to the lawsuit (PDF), Plaintiff Irene Guidry lost hair when she underwent chemo for breast cancer with Taxotere in 2011, and it never grew back. She claims that Sanofi marketed the drug as superior to other chemotherapy treatments, without warning that the risk of hair loss may be permanent, while this is only a temporary side effects in similar products.

Sadly, Guidry is hardly alone when it comes to the side effects of Taxotere. A panel of judges last month consolidated all federal lawsuits alleging permanent hair loss from Taxotere into a multidistrict litigation (MDL No. 2740) in the U.S. District Court, Eastern District of Louisiana.

Plaintiffs allege that while Taxotere labels suggested that some degree of hair loss with the drug is possible, there was no warning that this side effect could be permanent. These patients further claim that had they known the true risks of Taxotere, they would have chosen treatment with Taxol (generic: paclitaxel), another chemotherapy medication which does not cause permanent hair loss.

Although there are currently only about 35 lawsuit pending in the MDL, this number is expected to grow into the hundreds or even thousands in the coming weeks and months.

There are currently about 2.8 million women in the U.S. with a history of breast cancer, according to Of these, about 75% are treated with Taxotere.

Various studies have suggested a 10% risk for permanent alopecia with Taxotere, and that 10% of all patients treated with the drug experience hair loss for up to a decade after chemotherapy ends.

Do I have a Taxotere Lawsuit?

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