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The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) is warning against the use of Leachco Podster Playtime Infant Loungers after the devices were linked to the deaths of at least 2 babies, who died after they rolled over unexpectedly and became trapped against the fabric.
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What’s the Problem With Leachco Podster Infant Loungers?

The CPSC Warning [1] urges consumers to immediately stop using the Podster, Podster Plush, Bummzie and Podster Playtime (the “Podster Infant Loungers”) infant loungers manufactured by Leachco, Inc. of Ada, Oklahoma.

“CPSC is aware of two infants who were placed on a Podster and suffocated when, due to a change in position, their noses and mouths were obstructed by the Podster or another object,” the agency said. “The infant deaths, 17-days old and four-months old, occurred in January 2018 and December 2015 in the U.S.”

The warning affects approximately 180,000 Podster, Podster Plush, Bummzie and Podster Playtime Podsters, which measure between 71 and 75 inches in circumference and have dimensions of approximately 23.75 x 21.5 x 8 inches. They have a padded insert and a removable cover.

The covers come in a variety of prints and are either 100% polyester or a cotton/polyester blend. The covers also contain an elastic center made of a nylon/spandex blend.

What is the Leachco Podster?

The Podster features deeply contoured sides which were designed to help keep infants in place while the sling center expands with the baby’s weight. The adjustment tabs provide support and cinch them in to create a more secure seat for smaller infants, or release them to create a larger area for growing infants. The Podster is designed to provide upper body elevation which can help aid in digestion and breathing.

Have the Podsters Been Recalled?

No. Leachco has refused to issue a voluntary recall for the Podster Infant Lounger, despite demands from the CPSC. Instead, the company maintains the lounger is not a sleep product, and that it has clear warnings on the product and its packaging not to place it in a bed or crib or use it for unsupervised sleep.

CPSC told Leachco that it believes all infant loungers, including the Podster, are not safe because caregivers ignore the warnings and use them for unsupervised sleep.

Other Baby Lounger Safety Warnings

Over the last several years, multiple baby pillow-like infant products recalls have been recalled [2] by federal safety officials following reports of children rolling off of the pillows or on to their belly, leaving their face trapped against the fabric.

The CPSC indicates infants who have not developed the neck or body strength to roll back over, or away from the pillow-like products, may become trapped and face a suffocation hazard.

Recent infant sleeper recalls include:

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Consumers who have purchased any of the above sleepers should take them out of the infant’s safe sleeping environment immediately and contact the individual companies for a refund or voucher.

Boppy Infant Lounger Recall

In July 2019, the Boppy Company recalled more than 3 million Boppy Newborn Loungers after at least 8 infants reportedly suffocated after being placed on their back, side or stomach. The recall affects Boppy Original Newborn Loungers, Boppy Preferred Newborn Loungers and Pottery Barn Kids Newborn Loungers. The reports of infant deaths occurred between December 2015 and June 2020.

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What is a Safe Sleep Environment for Babies?

Infant loungers like Podsters are not safe for sleep, according to the CPSC. Babies should always be placed to sleep on their back in order to protect consumers. Babies who fall asleep in an inclined or upright position should be moved to a safe sleep environment.

To follow safe sleep practices, parents and caregivers should use a fitted sheet only and never add blankets, pillows, padded crib bumpers, or other items to an infant’s sleeping environment.

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