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Joybird Dresser Lawsuit: Get the Right Lawyer

Commerce, California-based Joybird is recalling its Blythe dressers over concerns they may be defectively designed in a way which makes them prone to tipping over and unstable if not anchored to a wall, posing an entrapment risk to children.
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What’s the Problem?

Due to their potentially defective design, the recalled Joybird Blythe dressers fail to comply with the performance requirements of the U.S. voluntary industry standard (ASTM 2057-17), according to the Consumer Products Safety Commission (CPSC) [1].

Affected dressers are made of plywood with a painted white finish exterior and brown-colored, veneer-faced plywood drawers with round knobs, CPSC said. Stickers on the back of each recalled dresser state “Stitch Industries, Inc.” the month and year of manufacture, and the words “TSCA Title VI Compliant.”

If you purchased a Joybird dresser that is affected by this recall, you should stop using it immediately unless it is properly anchored to a wall and out of the reach of children, according to the CPSC.

Joybird is contacting all registered owners and will provide a free in-home repair to the dresser’s legs or a free one-time in-home installation of a tip-over restraint kit by a technician plus a $50 gift card, or free pick-up of the dresser for a full refund. This recall began on April 6, 2020.

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5 Myths About Furniture Tip-Overs

Myth #1: The dresser will not tip over because it’s heavy.
The dresser might be heavy for the movers or the furniture delivery people; however, this piece of furniture is still a hazard for children. When a child opens the drawers and climbs on them, even a heavy dresser can fall on a child. When the drawers are opened, the center of gravity changes, and the furniture can tip over, even without someone climbing on it.

Myth #2: It is unnecessary to anchor the dresser in our bedroom because our kids don’t play in our room.
Tip-over injuries can occur rapidly. Even under close supervision, lids may wander into a room when you do not expect it. Anchor all furniture in your house, not just the nursery or playroom.

Myth #3: Latching the drawers makes them safe.
Cabinet latches are designed to prevent access to cabinets and drawers for children, not to replace furniture anchors. It’s just a matter of time until kids learn to defeat latches and the dresser will still be a tip-over risk.

Myth #4: Older children no longer climb.
Children do not think about a dresser or a bookcase as potentially dangerous. They climb to reach something they want on top of the furniture. Even if you have explained that climbing is dangerous to your child, a parent should not trust that they will remember this lesson.

Myth #5: We purchased a quality dresser from a reputable furniture store.
All types of furniture pose a hazard, including high-quality furniture. Anchor furniture, and consider pieces with drawers to be extra risky, even if the piece only has one drawer.

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