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Man Claims Wife’s Cancer Death Was
Caused by Johnson’s Baby Powder

A man who lost his wife to ovarian cancer after years of using Johnson’s Baby Powder has filed a products liability lawsuit against the manufacturer.
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Collen Clark Published by Collen Clark

A husband, whose wife succumbed to ovarian cancer following prolonged use of Johnson’s Baby Powder, has initiated a lawsuit for product liability against the company.

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What’s the Problem?

September 5, 2016 – Plaintiff Patrick Barker claims that his wife Carla’s development of ovarian cancer was caused by her lifetime use of Johnson’s Baby Powder for feminine hygiene. Barker alleges that Johnson & Johnson falsely advertised the product as suitable for feminine needs by claiming that it provides “freshness and comfort,” and that had his wife been warned of the dangers she never would have used it in the first place.

However, since she was not aware of the ovarian cancer risk with baby powder, Carla suffered a catastrophic injury that resulted in pain, disability, impairment, economic loss, and death. Due to this devastating loss, Patrick is seeking substantial compensation.

The complaint alleges that studies dating back to the early 1970s have found that talcum powder contains carcinogenic activity, some of which is similar to asbestos-like fibers. Additionally, numerous groups have advised J&J to place warnings on its baby powder and Shower-to-Shower to inform users of potential health risks, which some studies showed increased a woman’s cancer risk by up to 60%.

Despite these problems, J&J has still not added a warning to the labeling of its talcum powder products, according to Barker’s lawsuit. Plaintiff claims that the manufacturer intentionally mislead consumers, who have a right to be warned of potential health risks.

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