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Deere & Company is recalling certain John Deere XUV590 and XUV590 S4 Gator utility vehicles (UTVs) over concerns that an error in the ECU (Engine Control Unit) software can result in the speedometer and several speed-related safety systems not functioning as designed, posing a crash hazard and risk of injury.
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What's the Problem?

This recall affects John Deere Gator utility vehicles with model number “XUV590” or “XUV590 S4” printed on the hood, according to the U.S. Consumer Products Safety Commission (CPSC) [1].

Recalled serial numbers include:
1M0590E+++M040005, 1M0590M+++M041605, 1M0590M+++M040114, 1M0590M+++M040885, 1M0590E+++M040034, 1M0590M+++M041609, 1M0590M+++M040406, 1M0590M+++M040723, 1M0590E+++M040088, 1M0590M+++M041611, 1M0590M+++M040204, 1M0590M+++M041139, 1M0590E+++M040092, 1M0590M+++M041264, 1M0590M+++M040532, 1M0590M+++M041247, 1M0590E+++M040159, 1M0590M+++M041223, 1M0590M+++M040542, 1M0590M+++M041351, 1M0590E+++M040190, 1M0590M+++M041447, 1M0590M+++M040075, 1M0590M+++M040829, 1M0590E+++M040245, 1M0590M+++M041396, 1M0590M+++M040511, 1M0590M+++M040520, 1M0590E+++M040269, 1M0590M+++M041446, 1M0590M+++M040190, 1M0590M+++M040466, 1M0590E+++M040285, 1M0590M+++M041513, 1M0590M+++M040313, 1M0590M+++M040319, 1M0590E+++M040296, 1M0590M+++M041527, 1M0590M+++M041166, 1M0590M+++M040341, 1M0590E+++M040301, 1M0590M+++M040568, 1M0590M+++M040713, 1M0590M+++M040381, 1M0590E+++M040306, 1M0590M+++M040790, 1M0590M+++M040436, 1M0590M+++M040076,
1M0590E+++M040307, 1M0590M+++M041145, 1M0590M+++M040734, 1M0590M+++M040464, 1M0590E+++M040326, 1M0590M+++M041341, 1M0590M+++M040122, 1M0590M+++M040020, 1M0590E+++M040388, 1M0590M+++M041498, 1M0590M+++M041270, 1M0590M+++M040313, 1M0590E+++M040413, 1M0590M+++M040956, 1M0590M+++M040457, 1M0590M+++M040286, 1M0590E+++M040448, 1M0590M+++M041198, 1M0590M+++M040110, 1M0590M+++M040362, 1M0590E+++M040518, 1M0590M+++M041329, 1M0590M+++M040366, 1M0590M+++M040247,
1M0590E+++M040559, 1M0590M+++M041029, 1M0590M+++M040096, 1M0590M+++M040348, 1M0590E+++M040621, 1M0590M+++M041256, 1M0590M+++M040243, 1M0590M+++M040306, 1M0590E+++M040060, 1M0590M+++M041160, 1M0590M+++M040426, 1M0590M+++M040023, 1M0590E+++M040020, 1M0590M+++M041465, 1M0590M+++M040166, 1M0590M+++M040406, 1M0590E+++M040065, 1M0590M+++M041479, 1M0590M+++M040066, 1M0590M+++M040019, 1M0590E+++M040096, 1M0590M+++M041487, 1M0590M+++M040788

"Deere & Company has received four reports of speedometers malfunctioning," CPSC said. "No injuries have been reported."

The serial number is located on the frame on the rear of the machine above the hitch and begins with 1M0590. The recalled UTVs were sold in green and yellow, olive drab, and camouflage, and have 4-wheel suspension with side-by-side seating for 2 or 4 people.

The recalled Gator UTVs were sold at John Deere dealers nationwide from October 2020 through April 2021 for between $11,100 and $14,100.

If you purchased a Gator UTV that is affected by this recall, you should stop using it immediately and contact an authorized John Deere dealer for a free software update.

This recall began on May 20, 2021.

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