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John Deere Frontier Tiller Lawsuit: Get the Right Lawyer

Deere & Company is recalling certain John Deere Frontier model rotary tillers over concerns that some PTO drivelines were assembled without a specified safety sign explaining that an operator or bystander can become entangled if there is contact with the driveline.
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What’s the Problem?

According to the U.S. Consumer Products Safety Commission (CPSC), this recall affects about 1,740 John Deere Frontier rotary tillers model numbers RT1142, RT1149, RT1157, RT1165, RT1173, RT1181, RT3042, RT3042R, RT3049, RT3049R, RT3062, and RT3062R [1]. The model numbers are printed on the back of the tiller.

The recalled tillers were sold at John Deere dealers nationwide from May 2019 through November 2020 for between about $2,000 and $3,200.

If you purchased a tiller that is affected by this recall, you should stop using it immediately and contact an authorized John Deere dealer for a free inspection and repair.

This recall began on January 7, 2021.

Rotary Tiller Safety Precautions

  • Always wear safety glasses or goggles when using a rotary tiller.
  • Wear long pants and boots when using a rotary tiller. Do not wear loose clothing.
  • Always start a rotary tiller outside. Do not operate a rototiller inside an enclosed space where carbon monoxide exhaust gas can build up.
  • Before starting, inspect the area to be tilled for large rocks or foreign objects that could cause damage to the rototiller.
  • Do not till above underground utility lines.
  • Shift the rototiller into neutral and disengage the clutch before starting.
  • Always operate a rotary tiller when conditions are good and there is adequate light.
  • Keep hands and feet away from rotating blades.
  • Do not till too deep or too fast.
  • Never fuel the rotary tiller when the engine/muffler is hot.
  • Shut off the rototiller engine and disconnect the spark plug wire before performing
    mechanical adjustments, maintenance, or repairs.
  • Always shut off a rotary tiller before leaving it unattended.

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