Janumet Thyroid Cancer Symptoms

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Thyroid cancer, a disease that has been associated with Janumet, can cause a variety of symptoms, depending on how far the condition has progressed. Characteristic symptoms of Janumet thyroid cancer may include enlarged lymph nodes, lumps in the neck, breathing / speaking problems, throat pain, and persistent cough. 

Thyroid Cancer Symptoms

In many cases, thyroid cancer does not cause any recognizable symptoms in its initial stages. As the disease grows and travels to other parts of the body, however, Janumet thyroid cancer symptoms typically include:

  • lumps / nodules in the neck
  • hoarseness / changes to the voice
  • swallowing or breathing problems
  • pain in the throat / neck
  • swollen lymph nodes in the neck
  • cough not caused by other conditions
  • enlarged thyroid gland

If you or someone you love has experienced one or more of these Janumet thyroid cancer symptoms, you should contact your healthcare provider immediately. The symptoms listed above may occur with any number of other health complications, so your doctor will attempt to diagnose thyroid cancer or find another explanation for the symptoms.

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