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How Much Does It Cost to Test for PFAS?

The cost for testing levels of per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) in your blood or home drinking water can be expensive, and vary from as little as $75 up to $600 or more, depending on the type of lab you use and the number of chemicals tested.
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Why is There So Much Difference in PFAS Test Costs?

When choosing a lab to test PFAS in your blood or drinking water, it is important to consider the labs’ certifications. PFAS testing is relatively new, and there are few labs that have earned official certification for testing for the chemicals.

These tests are more expensive, ranging from $300-600. However, there also are many uncertified labs that can do the tests for as little as $75.

Choosing between the 2 depends on what you want to do with the results. The findings from an uncertified lab are not admissible in court and cannot be used in a lawsuit. Only certified lab tests can be used as evidence.

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PFAS Drinking Water Test Costs

The cost to test for PFAS chemicals in drinking water is determined by the testing method you choose. There are currently 2 recommended methods: EPA Method 533 and EPA Method 537.1.

There are literally thousands of synthetic chemicals in the PFAS category. Combining EPA Method 533 and EPA Method 537.1 can identify nearly 30 of the most commonly used PFAS.

Labs can use both methods or just one of the methods, depending on the price of the test. For the best results, find a certified facility that uses both EPA methods 533 and 537.1.

PFAS Blood Test Cost

PFAS blood tests can also be expensive, ranging from $400-$600, depending on the lab and the number of PFAS tested. Health insurance may or may not cover the costs for testing.

Your doctor may be able to help order a test. Providers should use ICD-10 diagnosis code Z13.88, and if ordering a test through Quest, they should use Test Code 39307 and CPT code 82542.

What Can I Learn From a PFAS Blood Test?

A PFAS blood test measures the levels of PFAS “forever chemicals” in your bloodstream at the time of the test. The findings will show how much PFAS has accumulated in your body over time.

Your results will be compared to PFAS levels found in other patients to see if your levels are elevated. The findings can also give a baseline to monitor changes over time, and support actions to reduce community exposure to PFAS. Results can be shared with your physician to determine risk factors for additional potential health problems, and can inform conversations about reducing PFAS exposure and monitoring your health.

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