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Gulf Coast Oil Spill Update: BP Stonewalls Yet Again

May 24, 2010 – Over the past week, things have gone from bad to worse for BP. Last Friday, the British oil giant admitted that its figure of 5,000 barrels a day seeping into the Gulf of Mexico was a drop in the bucket compared to the actual amount of oil being leaked. Yet there is another matter that BP is being less than transparent about.

To date, BP has dumped over 700,000 gallons of chemical dispersant into the Gulf. But incredibly, the company continues to refuse to reveal exactly what chemical ingredients make up the dispersants being used, claiming it is “confidential business information.”

The EPA has attempted to force BP to reveal the contents of the dispersants by issuing a directive to the company requiring it to use a less toxic and more effective dispersant to deal with the oil spill.

In response, BP typically stonewalled, saying “Exceedances of the chronic criteria appear unlikely, but could occur if [REDACTED] is applied in the same area over a period of several days.”

Isn’t this something we deserve to know, or is “confidential business information” more important than the public good? BP has said the dispersants are safe for people and wildlife, but given their track record in handling the disaster to date, the American public should push the federal government to do what BP won’t – conduct proper environmental monitoring, testing, and public safety protection.

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