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Glyphosate Found in More Cereals, Children’s Foods: Study

A new study conducted by the Environmental Working Group (EWG) found the controversial herbicide glyphosate in at least 28 cereals and other children’s foods, less than 3 months after another study found “a hefty dose” of the weed killer in dozens of similar products.

October 25, 2018 – EWG’s peer-reviewed study focused on oat-based cereals and other foods marketed at children, and arrived at conclusions which “fly in the face of claims by two companies, Quaker and General Mills, which have said there is no reason for concern,” the watchdog group claims.

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What’s the problem?

EWG tested 28 products—all of which were made from “conventionally grown” (i.e. non-organic) oats—and found only 2 had glyphosate levels below its benchmark of 160 parts per billion (ppb).

“Almost all of the samples tested by EWG had residues of glyphosate at levels higher than what EWG scientists consider protective of children’s health with an adequate margin of safety,” the group said. “If those companies would just switch to oats that aren’t sprayed with glyphosate, parents wouldn’t have to wonder if their kids’ breakfasts contained a chemical linked to cancer.”

Manufacturers say their products are safe, but the new study argues that most of the foods tested have glyphosate in amounts that could pose a cancer risk with long-term exposure.

None of the foods violated EPA limits on the herbicide; however, EWG uses a far more conservative health benchmark. California’s proposed glyphosate limit, which would be the most restrictive in the U.S., still allows for glyphosate levels that are over a hundred times higher than EWG’s allowance.

Do I Have a Glyphosate Lawsuit?

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