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Our lawyers are reviewing potential lawsuits against Gerard Roofing Technologies, a division of Metals USA, Inc., for manufacturing allegedly defective Granite Ridge Roofing Systems that leak and fail to perform in accordance with their warranty.
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Texas Homeowners Association Sues Over Leaky Roofing

On Feb. 14, 2015, Willow Greene Homeowners Association (HOA) filed a lawsuit against Gerard Roofing Technologies in Collin County District Court. The complaint, which was removed to Texas federal court on Mar. 25, accuses Gerard of manufacturing and selling defective roofing materials that were installed on buildings in a 172-unit condominium complex that leaked and damaged property.

The HOA claims it spent $1 million installing Gerard’s Granite Ridge roofing system, which supposedly included some of the highest quality stone coated steel roof shingles available, on 25 buildings in the Willow Greene complex in 2005, only to have it leak water and damage the condos.

“Even if installed correctly in accordance with Gerard’s installation manual and procedures, as was done at Willow Greene, the Granite Ridge roofing system leaks,” the lawsuit said. “As a result, Willow Greene has useless roofs that are leaking throughout the condominium complex, and has incurred significant damages to both the interiors and exteriors of its condominium units.”

According to the lawsuit, Willow Greene and its roofing contractor spent years chasing leaks around the complex until Feb. 2012, when they found evidence that the roofs themselves were leaking.

“There were design, manufacture, marketing, distributing and selling defects in the Granite Ridge roofing system at the time it left possession of defendants that were the producing cause of plaintiff’s damages,” the complaint alleges. “The Granite Ridge roofing system was defective when sold and failed to perform as promised and intended.”

Willow Greene claims that it contacted Gerard Roofing several times about inspecting the leaks, but it took the company more than 7 months to respond. When representatives from Gerard finally arrived, they took a quick look at the roofs but then later denied the association’s warranty claim, prompting it to file suit in Collin County.

Willow Greene is seeking claims for:

  • Strict products liability
  • Breach of express warranty
  • Breach of implied warranty of merchantability
  • Negligence
  • Negligent misrepresentation
  • Common law fraud and violation of the Texas Deceptive Trade Practices Act

The case is: Willow Greene Homeowners Association v. Gerard Roofing Technologies et al., case No. 4:13-cv-00176, U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Texas, Sherman Division.

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