Finance & Insurance

If you, somebody you know or your business has been wronged by a broker, financial advisor or insurance agent you should contact us immediately. You may be entitled to compensation by filing a lawsuit and we can help.

People involved in the selling of securities as well as insurance companies have a fiduciary duty that disallows them to put their own interests in front of that of their clients.

Both securities fraud and insurance bad faith litigation are highly specialized areas of law. In order to successfully pursue claims against some of the worlds largest companies, the law firm must not only have the experience in handling such matters but also the financial solvency to see it through.

Schmidt & Clark, LLP has both and is currently accepting securities fraud and negligence cases as well as insurance bad faith claims.

  • Securities fraud or negligence, for example, occurs when clients are encouraged to invest in high-risk schemes, purchase volatile stock, or participate in financial arrangements that devalue their savings or otherwise cause financial loss.
  • Insurance bad faith occurs when a client loses money as a result of an insurance company’s delay in handling claims, refusal to make a reasonable settlement offer, or unreasonable interpretation of an insurance policy.