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Fidget Spinners Linked to Burn Injuries, Choking Hazard: CPSC Warning

CPSC Warning: Bluetooth fidget spinners linked to burn injuries, choking hazard. Children under 3 years should not be allowed to handle the toys, CPSC said.

The U.S. Consumer Products Safety Commission (CPSC) has issued a warning about burn injuries and choking hazards associated with bluetooth fidget spinners.

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What’s the Problem?

August 15, 2017 – CPSC issued its updated guidance on Thursday, after receiving multiple reports of kids choking on fidget spinner parts, in addition to complaints of the battery-operated toys catching fire.

“Fidget spinners can be fun to use, but consumers and companies should be aware of some of the safety concerns associated with this product,” CPSC spokeswoman Ann Marie Buerkle said in a press release.

Fidget spinners may break into small pieces that can be a choking hazard, Buerkle said, which is why children younger than 3-years-old should not use or handle the gadgets. However, adolescents as old as 14 have reported choking on the toys (no word on whether they were sent back to preschool to learn that you shouldn’t put stuff in your mouth that’s not food).

CPSC recommends that consumers stay in the room when their fidget spinner is charging at all times, and always to use the cable that came with the device. If the spinner didn’t come with a cable, consumers should make sure to use a cable that has the proper connections for charging the device. Once the spinner is charged, consumers should unplug it right away, according to the commission.

Additionally, CPSC noted that if the fidget spinner was designed for children 12 years and younger, it must meet certain testing, labeling and other requirements.

Do I Have a Fidget Spinner Lawsuit?

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