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Ohio Doctor Linked to 28 Fentanyl Overdoses

Dr. William Husel, a critical care medicine specialist and anesthesiologist at Mount Carmel Hospital System in Columbus, Ohio, is being investigated for his role in at least 28 “significantly excessive and potentially fatal” overdoses on fentanyl, a painkiller 50-100 times stronger than morphine.

January 29, 2019 – Husel’s medical license was suspended on Friday by the State Medical Board of Ohio, which said the allegations against him were so serious that he was not even allowed a legal hearing before the board’s vote, and can no longer practice medicine in the state.

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What’s the Problem?

Despite the facts of cause, which appear more or less easy to determine in a case whose alleged crimes took place in a highly regimented environment, the question remains, why? Why such high doses of a drug that’s widely known for causing overdose deaths? Was it merely a series of repeated mistakes, or was it intentional?

Medical facilities such as Mount Carmel have established protocol in place to avoid instances of accidental over-medication, including checks and balances in the chain of command to allow those in charge the ability to trigger an alarm to avoid an overdose. These steps are especially critical during an emergency situation in which dangerous drugs like fentanyl are administered.

At least 6 wrongful death lawsuits have been filed on behalf of deceased patients, according to NBC News. The complaints allege that Husel ordered the doses either negligently or purposefully in order to hasten the patients’ deaths.

At issue still is just how Husel may have ordered so many high doses of fentanyl, and why the cross-checking system failed over and over again.

“As we learn more, we will share our findings with each affected family,” said Ed Lamb, Mount Carmel Health System’s president and CEO. “We are committed to being open and honest about what happened, and what we are doing to ensure it never happens again.”

Do I have a Fentanyl Lawsuit?

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