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FDA Strategy for the Safety of Imported Food

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has released a new strategy to not only ensure the safety and quality of imported food, but to prevent food poisoning outbreaks from occurring in the first place. The FDA Strategy for the Safety of Imported Food (PDF) represents a paradigm shift in the handling of food from other countries, emphasizing a proactive response instead of the traditional reactionary approach.

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FDA is tasked with orchestrating the daily intake of a massive volume and variety of foodstuffs, sourced from countries whose food safety protocol often varies significantly from our own, making the issue an extremely challenging one to address. The agency’s new Strategy for the Safety of Imported Food represents a synthesis of traditional methods with cutting-edge import oversight, whose primary goal it is to ensure that imported food is safe for consumers in the U.S.

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New Plan to Improve Detection of Unsafe Imported Foods

The new food safety import strategy involves a 4-pronged approach:

  • Goal 1: Food Offered for Import Meets U.S. Food Safety Requirements
  • Goal 2: FDA Border Surveillance Prevents Entry of Unsafe Foods
  • Goal 3: Rapid and Effective Response to Unsafe Imported Food
  • Goal 4: Effective and Efficient Food Import Program

Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA)

The linchpin of the new FDA Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) involves preventing food poisoning outbreaks, rather than the tradition of reacting to a problem after it happens. To make this lofty ideal into reality, FDA has been granted expanded authority to implement new preventive controls to ensure a safe domestic food supply. In recent years, the agency has adopted prevention-based standards applicable to foreign and domestic food growers, manufacturers, processors, packers, and holders.

Food Import Statistics

  • The U.S. imports about 15% of its overall food supply from more than 200 countries or territories, representing about 125,000 international food facilities and farms;
  • The past 15 years has been marked by a trend of increasing reliance on foreign sources for food.
  • Other countries supply about 32% of fresh vegetables, 55% of the fresh fruit, and 94% of the seafood purchased in the U.S.

Source: FDA Commissioner Scott Gottlieb and Deputy Commissioner for Food Policy and Response, Frank Yiannas.

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