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Bill Targeting Essure Complications Reaches House Floor

Bill designed to help women injured by the Essure contraceptive introduced to the U.S. House of Representatives.

A bill aimed at helping women injured by the Essure permanent birth control device has been introduced to the U.S. House of Representatives.

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What’s the Problem?

June 9, 2016Ariel Grace’s Law was introduced on the House Floor yesterday in an attempt to hold Bayer responsible for any injuries or deaths associated with use of the Essure contraceptive, according to NBC News. A second bill known as the Medical Device Guardians Act was also filed in hopes of giving doctors a more efficient way to report medical device problems to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

Essure is a permanent contraceptive that is inserted into a woman’s fallopian tubes. Within 3 months, scar tissue grows around the coils which creates a barrier that blocks sperm from fertilizing the eggs.

House members heard testimony from women who claim Essure has caused them significant physical and emotional pain.

“The women of Essure problems have beseeched the FDA, our doctors, anyone to help us,” said Tess Schulman, who claims to have suffered a variety of complications after receiving the contraceptive. “In desperation we finally turned to congressional representatives.”

Rep. Mike Fitzpatrick (R-PA), who introduced both Gracie’s Law and the Medical Device Guardians Act, says it wasn’t the patients’ responsibility to bring the problems with Essure to FDA’s attention. In November, a group of lawmakers introduced the E-Free Act (H.R. 3920) in hopes of removing Essure from the U.S. market, but it hasn’t had much movement in the House.

About 10,000 adverse event reports have been filed with the FDA over side effects related to Essure. Most women reported suffering abdominal pain, menstrual irregularities, headache and fatigue after receiving the device. The agency says some women reported multiple complications.

In September 2015, FDA conducted hearings to discuss the growing number of problems with Essure. After the hearing, the agency ordered Bayer to perform a post-marketing study to gather additional information about the health risks posed by the device. FDA has also drafted a boxed warning to make sure a woman knows the risks associated with Essure, as well as a patient checklist to ensure that patients understand the risks and benefits of the contraceptive before undergoing the procedure.

Do I Have an Essure Lawsuit?

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