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Erb’s Palsy Tests

In most cases, babies are born with Erb’s palsy due to an injury sustained during the birthing process. When doctors suspect that a patient has this unfortunate condition, they will use some combination of imaging exams and nerve tests to make an official diagnosis.

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What’s the problem?

Tests such as an x-ray, an electromyography (EMG), or a nerve conduction study (NCS) may be necessary to determine an Erb’s palsy injury. Since it is possible for an infant with Erb’s palsy to recover in time, it is necessary for the baby to receive frequent evaluations. Therapy such as exercises and slings or splints may be used as part of the recovery process.

Erb’s Palsy Nerve Tests

Nerve health tests for Erb’s palsy take a closer look at how responsive and sensitive the body’s nerves are in the neck, shoulder, and arm regions. In general, doctors will test the health of a patient’s nerves by using an electromyography (EMG) or nerve conduction study. These will identify how responsive nerves are, and how damaged the areas of the body in question are.

Erb’s Palsy Imaging Tests

Along with determining the health of the nerves, doctors will also need to see the internal structure of damaged areas to find out how severe a case of Erb’s palsy is. To “see” internally, Magnetic Resonance Imaging(MRI) & Computerized Tomography (CT) Myelography tests can be conducted to make an Erb’s palsy diagnosis. The dye and spinal tap used in the CT can have some negative side effects including headache, nausea, and pain at the site of the injection. Given these side effects and the invasive nature of this Erb’s palsy test, it is typically used only when MRIs cannot generate sufficiently clear images.

Do I have an Erb’s Palsy Lawsuit?

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