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Erb’s Palsy Diagnosis

In most cases, those with Erb’s palsy develop it before or during birth, as fetal development problems or medical mistakes can cause nerve damage that results in the condition. Occasionally, however, adults may also be diagnosed with Erb’s palsy. Such cases typically occur following a sports-related injury or other type of accident.

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What’s the problem?

When a doctor suspects a child may have Erb’s palsy, he or she will first evaluate the patient’s motor skills. A thorough medical history will be taken. Because many other disorders present symptoms similar to Erb’s palsy, the possibility of these conditions must be ruled out before a diagnosis can be confirmed.

A pediatrician will usually be the one to make the diagnosis of Erb’s palsy, based on weakness of the arm and physical examination. A doctor may order an X-ray or other imaging study to learn whether there is any damage to the bones and joints of the neck and shoulder. The doctor may also do some tests to learn whether any nerve signals are present in the muscle of the upper arm. These tests may include an electromyogram (EMG) or a nerve conduction study (NCS).

Because most newborns with Erb’s palsy recover on their own, the baby will be re-examined frequently to see if the nerves are recovering. It may take up to two years for complete recovery. During this time, the parent will be taught how to do exercises with the baby to protect the soft joints and to keep the baby’s arm in good condition.

Sometimes, the affected arm is noticeably smaller than the unaffected arm. This occurs, in part, because the arm is not used as much. This also occurs because normal nerves do have an effect on growth. Although the size difference is permanent, the arm will still grow until the child stops growing.

Do I have an Erb’s Palsy Lawsuit?

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