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Egg Recall Salmonella Poisoning Lawyer: Two More Brands Recalled

Eggs from Trafficanda and Cardenas Market have been added to the growing list of eggs recalled linked to a massive nationwide Salmonella outbreak

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Looking for a complete list of recalled eggs? The egg recall continues to expand and we will continually update our egg recall list page with new brands and/or companies that are recalling their products.  Please visit the following page to learn more: Egg Recall List

August 26, 2010 – Wright County Egg, the company responsible for 380 million of the 550 million recalled eggs, said in a press release yesterday night that it had confirmed cases of Salmonella enteritidis illnesses related to shell eggs bearing the Cardenas Market brand.

The statement said affected eggs were distributed to Cardenas Market stores in California and Nevada, packaged in 60-egg cases over-wrapped with plastic. Eggs included in the recall are labeled with plant number 1026 and Julian dates ranging from 136 to 228. Dates and codes can be found printed on the label.

Also yesterday, Trafficanda Egg Ranch released a statement saying it had confirmed Salmonella enteritidis illnesses from May 17, 2010, to August 17, 2010, relating to its Wright County-supplied shell eggs.

The Trafficanda Egg Ranch-branded eggs were distributed to grocery stores and food-service companies in California in 12-egg cartons, 20-egg over-wrapped packages, and 60-egg over-wrapped packages with the Julian dates ranging from 136 to 229 and plant numbers 1026, 1413, 1720, 1942 and1946.

Source of Salmonella Outbreak

On May 28 and 29, several people became sick after attending either a prom or a graduation party in Santa Clara County, according to Joy Alexiou, a spokeswoman for the Santa Clara County Public Health Department. Tests on some of the victims, including a catering worker who nibbled on the food, determined that the culprit was salmonella, she said.

Throughout June and early July, county officials noted more clusters of two or more salmonella cases. In all, 42 people in Santa Clara County tested positive for salmonella, including six who ended up in the hospital, Alexiou said.

Similar clusters were popping up all over California, including four in San Diego County — one traced to a Korean restaurant — and another incident involving food served on a movie set in Los Angeles, an incident under investigation by Los Angeles County.

California is just one of 23 states that received eggs potentially contaminated by salmonella from Wright County Egg or Hillandale Farms of Iowa, the distributors at the center of the recall of more than half a billion eggs.

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