E-Cigarette Explosion Lawsuit Filed in California

A California man who claims he lost and eye in an e-cigarette explosion has filed a lawsuit against the manufacturers and retailers of the device.

A California man who says he lost an eye from an exploding e-cigarette has filed a products liability lawsuit against several e-cig manufacturers and retailers.

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What’s the Problem?

May 23, 2016 – Orange County resident Joseph Cavins took up smoking electronic cigarettes 2 years ago in an attempt to kick his tobacco chewing habit. He was using one of the devices at his computer desk last month when suddenly he heard a loud crack.

“It felt like a metal baseball bat had hit the side of my face,” Cavins said.

The e-cig exploded, bounced off his left eye and landed on a bookshelf, where it started a fire. Cavins’ wife, Pat, helped him put out the fire and drove him to an emergency room. Doctors said the vape hit his face so hard that it cracked his eye socket and sinus bones, and left shrapnel embedded in his eyeball, which they were unable to save.

Calvins told the Orange County Register that he is recovering and now wears an eye patch. He recently returned to work as a therapist for special-education students, and plans to get a prosthetic eye this summer after the healing process is complete.

On March 19, Cavins filed a lawsuit in Orange County Superior Court against several e-cigarette manufacturers and sellers, including 2 in Orange County — Vape It Up and The Vapor Loft. The case is just the most recent of dozens of similar complaints recently filed throughout California:

  • Jennifer Ries of Corona was badly burned in 2013 when an e-cigarette exploded in her car and showered hot metal onto her dress. A Riverside County jury awarded her $1.9 million for her injuries.
  • A 29-year-old Santa Ana man was vaping in his bedroom in March 2015 when the device exploded, sending shrapnel into a hand and setting part of his bedroom on fire.
  • In January 2016, a 19-year-old man in Ladera Ranch was burned when 2 e-cig batteries blew up in his pocket, authorities said.

Do I Have an E-Cigarette Explosion Lawsuit?

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