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Army Continues to Study DMAA Side Effects

Despite a recent FDA crackdown on DMAA-containing bodybuilding products, the Army will continue its research into the effects of the controversial dietary supplement ingredient. According to a Department of Defense (DOD) spokesperson, the military has an ‘intense interest’ in the results of the Army Public Health Command’s ongoing research on DMAA. The investigation into the ‘amphetamine-like’ ingredient was initiated late last year after it was linked to the deaths of two service members.

DMAA Update 7/16/12: Researchers from the University of Texas, Arlington, recently tested and compared a number of DMAA-containing dietary supplements against commercially available geranium extracts, and detected no presence of the controversial substance in the geranium samples. The source of DMAA is a hot button issue as of late, because it could ultimately determine the outcome of a string of class action lawsuits filed against DMAA manufacturers and distributors. Click here to learn more.

DMAA Update 6/20/12: This week, Food Standards Australia New Zealand (FSANZ) warned Australians not to consume dietary supplements containing the controversial ingredient dimethylamylamine (DMAA). The Australian Federal Department of Health and Ageing and the Advisory Committee on Medicines Scheduling are considering a ban on the substance, and are set to meet at the end of the month when the problem will be ‘urgently discussed.’ Click here to learn more.

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What’s the problem?

On April 27, the FDA issued a press release announcing that it had sent letters to 10 dietary supplement manufacturers ordering them to cease the distribution of DMAA-containing products, because the ingredient has not been proven safe and has the potential to trigger heart attacks.

The FDA’s action came after months of controversy over DMAA and its possible link to the deaths of two service members. The soldiers had heart attacks during routine training exercises with their units at Army bases in the United States. Autopsies later determined that both individuals had DMAA in their systems when they died.

The Army launched an investigation after receiving a number of reports of other serious side effects in DMAA users, which included:

  • kidney damage
  • liver failure
  • seizures
  • loss of consciousness
  • heat injury
  • muscle breakdown during exertion
  • rapid heartbeat

The service is “proceeding with our scientific review of dietary supplement use and potentially related health outcomes,” DOD spokeswoman Cynthia Smith wrote in an e-mail. “We do not plan to stop it, as the use and safety of these stimulant products remain matters of intense interest to the DOD.”

The DOD has remained tight-lipped about the study so as not to influence the results, revealing only that the research is scheduled to be completed later this year. Meanwhile, the ultimate fate of DMAA remains largely uncertain.

U.S. dietary supplement manufacturers are currently barred from distributing DMAA-containing products, and have until May 9 to respond to the FDA’s letter. To date, the administration has received at least 42 adverse event reports linking DMAA to serious health complications including nervous system problems, psychiatric disorders, and death.

“Before marketing products containing DMAA, manufacturers and distributors have a responsibility under the law to provide evidence of the safety of their products. They haven’t done that and that makes the products adulterated,” Daniel Fabricant, director of the FDA’s Dietary Supplement Program said in a news release last week.

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