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Our lawyers are investigating injuries potentially related to the use of Dicamba, a herbicide designed by Monsanto to work with its next generation of biotech crops.

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How Does Dicamba Work?

Dicamba works by mimicking natural plant hormones called auxins. These hormones help to control plant growth. When plants are treated with dicamba, they grow in abnormal ways, typically dying as a result. Dicamba is used on many broadleaf weeds and woody plants.

What’s the Problem?

At issue is the Monsanto Company’s decision in 2016 to let growers plant Dicamba-tolerant Xtend cotton and soybeans without the availability of a corresponding herbicide to use over-the-top. Some growers illegally applied existing dicamba formulations such as Banvel and Clarity to their crops, which drifted and damaged neighboring sensitive crops. Lawsuits allege that Monsanto is responsible for this off-label dicamba use and damage.

Arkansas Approves Dicamba Ban

The Arkansas Plant Board in June 2017 voted to ban the sale and use of Dicamba in the state. At least 242 complaints in 19 Arkansas counties have been linked to potential dicamba misuse so far in 2017, according to NPR. Most complaints have come from farmers in East Arkansas.

The proposed emergency 120-day dicamba ban would apply to all agricultural fields except for pastureland. To take effect, the rule still requires approval from the Governor or Arkansas and the Arkansas Legislative Council.

Dicamba Class Action Lawsuits

  • Feb. 2017 - Class action lawsuit (Case No. 1:17-CV-00020) filed in U.S. District Court in Missouri over the off-label dicamba drift damage that allegedly occurred in 10 states over the previous year. The complaint is spearheaded by a pair of farmers from Missouri as lead plaintiffs. Class action is open to any farmers who experienced damage from illegal dicamba drift in 2016 in the following 10 states: Alabama, Arkansas, Illinois, Kentucky, Minnesota, Mississippi, Missouri, North Carolina, Tennessee and Texas.
  • June 2017 - Arkansas farmers file a class action lawsuit against Monsanto and German chemical company BASF, alleging that the companies' dicamba-based herbicides caused damage to their properties. Plaintiffs are seeking unspecified damages for damage to crops, fruits and trees that weren't dicamba-resistant.

Can I Participate in a Class Action?

Although we are a nationally recognized class action firm, the Products Liability Litigation Group at Schmidt & Clark, LLP, is not filing a Dicamba class action suit, and is currently only investigating injury reports associated with the herbicide. We are not filing claims related to crop damage from Dicamba.

Need More Info?

Please visit our Dicamba FAQ page if you'd like more information about these issues.

Do I Have a Dicamba Lawsuit?

The Product Liability Litigation Group at Schmidt & Clark, LLP, is investigating injury reports associated with the use of Dicamba herbicide. If you or a loved one was injured, you should contact our law firm immediately.

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