Deaths Associated with Fentanyl Patch

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Numerous deaths have been caused by leaking Duragesic transdermal patches that contain fentanyl

What’s the problem?

Defects in the design and production of the Duragesic Patch have exposed users to a risk of life-threatening complications. To date, there have been hundreds of reports that individuals slipped into comas or suddenly died after placing the patch on their skin. In 2005, the FDA issued an investigation into 120 Duragesic Patch deaths. Issues with the patch, combined with users who were not properly warned about appropriate use, have contributed to the problems and continue to cause injuries for users.

Reports of death associated with the fentanyl patch continue to surface, yet the Duragesic Patch remains one of Johnson & Johnson’s best selling products. Although the manufacturer claims the product is safe when used as directed, many experts believe that the company should be doing more to ensure that the gel does not leak and that people properly use the patch to reduce the number of fentanyl patch deaths.

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