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According to a report published by the CDC and the Center for Construction Research and Training, an average of 26 construction workers die annually due to crane & aerial lift accidents.

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What’s the problem?

Cranes and aerial lifts are the backbone of the U.S. construction industry. However, it has been estimated that cranes are involved in 25 to 33% of fatal injuries on construction and maintenance sites.

The actual type and number of injuries related to cranes & lifts are difficult to quantify, because reported statistics on work-related injuries usually group cranes in larger categories such as “industrial vehicles and equipment” or “equipment and machinery.”

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), the category “industrial vehicles and equipment” accounts for 17% of fatal injuries in U.S. construction. But the proportion of injuries actually involving construction vehicles and equipment is probably greater.

A study of OSHA reports by Hinze and Bren (1996) found that cranes were reported to be involved in 108 (38%) of 284 fatal electrical injuries in the construction industry that involved heavy equipment.

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Types of Crane & Aerial Lift Injuries

Serious injuries and death from crane accidents occur due to:

  • crane collapses
  • tip overs
  • crane design defects
  • overloading
  • falling equipment
  • dropped loads from poor rigging
  • working in high winds
  • electrocutions from high voltage electrical wire contact
  • spills
  • injuries during erection or dismantling of the crane
  • falls
  • lack of inspections
  • mechanical failure
  • operator error
  • negligence
  • inadequately trained or certified crane operators

Additionally, there is a shortage of highly skilled crane operators due to the tremendous need and job opportunities overseas on huge construction projects, offshore and platform oil & gas drilling projects in the Middle East, Asia and other foreign countries.

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Have you or a loved one been injured in an accident due to the negligence of others?

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