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Construction Site Accident Lawsuit: Get the Right Attorney

Working at a construction site is one of the most dangerous occupations in the United States. Each year, hundreds of thousands of workers are killed or injured in construction site accidents. When such an accident occurs, the owners, architects, insurance companies and manufacturers of equipment can be held responsible for inadequate safety provisions.
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What’s the problem?

Construction work is dangerous work. Workers are constantly dealing with heavy equipment and hazardous substances while placing themselves in potentially dangerous situations in order to construct new buildings, high-rise complexes, major industrial developments, highway construction, or any other type of construction project.

The Bureau of Labor studies have shown that due to the dangerous nature of construction work, many thousands of construction workers are killed on the job site every year, while tens of thousands of others sustain serious personal injuries.

Types of Construction Site Injury Accidents

Some of the most common construction site injury accidents include:

  • Electrical Accidents – Perhaps the most common accident occurs because of contact with power lines. Overhead and buried power lines at a construction site are very hazardous because they carry extremely high voltage.
  • Falls – Falls are the leading cause of fatalities in the construction industry. In fact, falls from elevations account for one-third of all deaths in construction.
  • Struck-By Accidents – Struck-by objects are another leading cause of construction-related deaths. About 75% of struck-by fatalities involve heavy equipment, such as trucks or cranes.
  • Trenching and Excavation Accidents – Working in trenches and performing excavations are perhaps the most dangerous jobs in construction work. The statistics seem to support this observation with the fatality rate for excavation work being 112% higher than the rate for general construction.

Construction injuries severely limit your ability to lead a normal life. Your injuries prevent returning to work and you can’t pay bills without your wages. Do not rely on contractors, employers, and insurance companies to treat you fairly.

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Who Can Be Held Liable in a Construction Accident Lawsuit?

When a construction worker is injured in a construction accident, they may be eligible to file a personal injury lawsuit against those responsible for the accident. Victims and their families can seek construction accident settlements as a result of filing these lawsuits.

Who is responsible for a construction injury accident depends on how the accident happened and who was involved. Examples of the individuals/entities that could be held liable include the property owner, construction company, general contractor, sub-contractor, equipment manufacturer, architect, engineer, a city or government agency, and/or the manufacturer of a defective product.

An experienced personal injury attorney can explain to you how it may be possible to claim compensation and all the factors that influence the amount of compensation you receive. A worker’s compensation claim and a personal injury claim are different, but choosing one does not mean you should ignore the other.

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