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Cisplatin Therapy for Mesothelioma

Cisplatin, a chemotherapy drug, is one of the available treatments for mesothelioma. When combined with Alimta, Cisplatin is a highly effective chemotherapy treatment.

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What’s the problem?

Approved for use by the Food & Drug Administration (FDA) in 1978, Cisplatin was one of the first in a series of drugs that would help to revolutionize the treatment of cancer. By cross-linking DNA in a variety of ways, Cisplatin makes it impossible for rapidly dividing cancer cells to duplicate their DNA for the purpose of cellular replication (mitosis). The damaged strands of DNA initiate a naturally occurring chain reaction that culminates with programmed cellular death (apoptosis). When Cisplatin is used in combination with Alimta, it is the only FDA approved drug used for the specific treatment of malignant pleural mesothelioma.

Cisplatin Side Effects

The following Cisplatin side effects are common (occurring in greater than 30%) for patients receiving Cisplatin:

  • Nausea and vomiting – Nausea may last up to 1 week after therapy. Anti-nausea medication is given before the infusion, and a prescription is also given for use after.
  • Kidney toxicity –  Effects on kidney function are dose related, observed 10-20 days after therapy, and are generally reversible.
  • Blood test abnormalities – Low magnesium, low calcium, low potassium.
  • Low white blood cells – This may put you at increased risk for infection.
  • Low red blood cells (anemia)

Other drugs similar to Cisplatin include Carboplatin, generally used to treat cancer of the lung, head and neck, and Oxaliplatin, which is most often used to treat colorectal cancer. As with any mesothelioma cancer drug, your doctor will decide whether or not Cisplatin is a beneficial option for treating your cancer.

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