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Circuit Breakers Recalled due to Fire Hazard

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Miami Breaker Recalls Counterfeit Square D Circuit Breakers Due to Fire Hazard

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What’s the problem?

August 10, 2010 – Last week, Miami Breaker Inc. (MBI), of Miami, Fla. announced a recall of about 43,600 counterfeit square D circuit breakers. The recalled circuit breakers labeled “Square D” or “SQD” have been determined to be counterfeit, and can fail to trip when they are overloaded, posing a fire hazard to consumers.

The counterfeit circuit breakers are marked as Square D in the QO series. The models are QO115 (about 7,800 units), QO120 (about 26,300 units), QO130 (about 3,200 units), QO215 (about 350 units), QO220 (about 720 units), QO230 (about 1,780 units), QO240 (about 1,130 units), QO250 (about 1,150 units) and QO260 (about 1,150 units).

Genuine Square D QO breakers have the following: (1) the amp rating written on the handle in white paint on the front of the breaker, (2) the Square D insignia molded onto the breaker side; (3) a yellow chromate clip with half of the top of the clip visible. If your breaker does not match this description, it could be counterfeit.

The circuit breakers included in this recall were sold to electrical product distributors and wholesalers nationwide from March 2005 through July 2006. Single pole breakers sold for between $3 and $4, & double pole breakers were sold for between $8 and $9.

Do I have a Miami Circuit Breaker Recall Lawsuit?

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