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Chipotle Shareholders Lawsuit Filed Over Insider Trading

Chipotle stockholders have filed a lawsuit against the Mexican restaurant chain alleging that company executives awarded themselves “hundreds of millions” of dollars just before stock prices tanked last year in response to an E. coli food poisoning outbreak.

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What’s the Problem?

June 20, 2016 – The complaint, filed in Denver District Court, alleges that Chipotle executives sold millions in stock while acting on insider information prior to an E. coli outbreak that sickened more than 50 people in 9 states. The suit also claims that Chipotle repurchased the stock at an inflated price, costing shareholders an extra $84 million.

The most serious allegation raised in the complaint is that Chipotle’s co-CEO Marty Moran sold $107.7 million worth of company stock at the inflated price, based on inside information that the stock would soon fall. Additionally, the suit claims that Chipotle’s founder and other co-CEO Steve Ells sold shares worth $78.3 million during calendar year 2015.

Finally, there’s an allegation that Chipotle executives knew that the company’s food safety standards were inadequate, but did nothing about it to ensure that the stock price remained high.

“Beginning on February 4, 2015 and continuing through the date of the filing of this Complaint,” the lawsuit reads, “the investing public was under a false impression of the Company’s commitment to and control of food safety at Chipotle restaurants, compliance with [health] authority regulations.”

The company’s stock has plunged since last October, when reports surfaced of people getting sick after eating at its restaurants. E. coli outbreaks forced the closure of 43 Chipotle stores in the northwest, and another 143 people developed a norovirus after eating at a Boston location last December. Since then, Chipotle’s stock has been devalued by almost 50%.

Do I Have a Chipotle Lawsuit?

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